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Mobilize Your Citizen Services now: SAP Citizen Connect goes Ramp-up

Get your hands-on experience now: SAP Citizen Connect is a mobile app enabling  citizens to conveniently and quickly report issues in the public realm. Citizens receive status updates on the issues they reported. Citizens can now download the app from the Apple iTunes App Store. Search for “SAP Citizen Connect”. Activate “Sample Data”.


Apps like this are a contemporary way for municipalities to connect with their engaged citizens, transporting a fresh, modern brand. At the same time they leverage existing SAP infrastructure and make it more valuable to their community. When citizens use apps instead of calling in, they reduce the work load of call center agents, and they allow for a higher degree of process automation, which improves efficiency, reduces cost and increases citizen satisfaction.

Deploying SAP Citizen Connect with their Citizens, local governments can 

  • Expand multi-channel access via mobile citizen self-service
  • Start a mobile end to end business process, front-loaded by SAP Citizen Connect, and back-ended by SAP apps for mobile asset maintenance or field services
  • Put their brand into their citizen’s hand.   

Cities will be able to use their own coat of arms, and their own set of issue categories. The app supports CRM and ERP as backend solutions, creating cases or notifications, respectively. SAP shipped this iPhone application and the respective add-ons for backend integration to an exclusive selection, the ramp-up customers, on October 14th, 2011. Ramp-up candidates run ERP 6 or CRM 7, and a reverse proxy server in their DMZ. SAP still accepts some applications for  ramp-up: Go to the SAP Service Marketplace (SMP), and register under SAP Ramp-up > Ramp-up Programs > SAP Mobile Apps > Industry Apps (TM & PS) > SAP Citizen Connect, or use this link.

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    • Hi Jarret,
      thank you for referring Denis’s blog. Of course I am happy Dennis, a renowned and highly appreciated blogger, wites about our new app. He actually pointed us to some misleading phrasing in the product description on iTunes we need to get corrected immediately: Currently, readers of the description text are lead to believe SAP Citizen Connect needs SAP CRM and in addition SAP ERP as preconditions. This is not correct.  SAP Citizen Connect runs with SAP CRM, or alternatively with SAP ERP as backend. But customers do not need to implement both. We want to give choice to our customers, not mandate a huge stack. As for the pricing: The very modest price for the SAP Citizen Connect ERP or CRM add-on already includes the price for SAP NW Gateway. We apologize for any confusion and vow to update the iTunes descriptions accordingly.   
      • Hi Andreas,

        Are there any documents explaining the technical architecture e.g. is SMP required or just gateway? Also the roadmap, e.g. when is the Andriod version due?