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Fresh from InnoJam looking forward to TechEd

This weekend was InnoJam at Bangalore and TechEd is coming up tomorrow. Not being a tech geek per se there were technologies that I have explored on the passing. But InnoJam gave a chance to change that as I shared my experience there in this InnoJam Bangalore – from participant perspective. Based on my prior TechEd attendance experience I am sure this time I would have very specific expectations and much better comprehension. At TechEd its quite impossible to grasp in-depth technologies unless you have focus on one or two and you manage to get in a hands-on and/or lecture session. It is like this – you have a a huge huge platter at the biggest annual party and you tend to nibble everything served.

On the other hand InnoJam gave a prelude of the new technologies SAP is betting big on and more importantly one gets the opportunity to play with them for straight 30 odd hours. So you not only can comprehend the technology in play but also explore it and best of it all you have couple of days to digest the learning before going back to TechEd and getting to know more. Better still you had an opportunity interacting with the experts in a small group over extended time and you can approach them again at TechEd. Well if you are not coming in TechEd still the learning from InnoJam stays on and now with InnoJam Online SAP is giving a great opportunity to continue exploring.

This year my TechEd focus is HANA and was already doing some prep-work mostly going through blogs and exploring Thanks to InnoJam got a chance to play around in HANA which means now I am better prepared for TechEd. Few learnings from InnoJam about HANA – need to brush up SQL and database concepts and if possible SQL Script. Moreover re-revise HANA PocketBook for Developers available at experiencesaphana website. There are some really useful videos like one on Data Modeling by Andy Dey, SQL Script in Nutshell by Norman May and one on Building a HANA App by Sam Raju . And if one is really brave there is a whole bunch of information here and under Implement section.

While using up my hands-on session on HANA offering, I plan to spend time on lecture and pod sessions on Mobile as there is lot of interest in that even from Enterprise point of view. With iPad and whole plethora of SmartPhones it is simply a mistake not to give some focus on this area of technology. Tomorrow I need to do some homework on Mobile and what sessions and Pod to focus on before going on to TechEd on Wednesday morning.

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