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Behind the scenes of TechEd Bangalore InnoJam…

The InnoJam Bangalore crew, composed of Gigi Read, Ingo Sauerzapf and myself arrived in Bangalore on Friday morning after more than 20 hours of sitting in planes. Long trip! Unluckily Ingo had his luggage lost in transit. The three of us (one luggage missing) arrived at our hotel Fortune Select Trinity at about 2am, exhausted but happy.

A few hours later we made our first visit to the office to meet the TechEd team and test the systems and laptops setup. Besides the delicious Indian food and kind Indian colleagues we spent hours uninstalling and installing software on the 50 laptops reserved for the InnoJam participants. Pure joy! Lesson learned: let’s try to get our own InnoJam image for TechEd Madrid InnoJam!

On InnoJam Day 1, 71 of the 350 registered participants + 80 on waiting list showed up. Cricket game trick? Anyway we were sure that the 71 who showed up were the best and bravest of the 430… so we were happy.

The theme of this InnoJam was Mobility. Quite hot topic right now, right? And for that theme we brought SUP, Gateway and HANA… plus a few nice to have nuggets such as ERP, CRM, BI4.0, etc. All those technologies and platforms could be used together, which is what I think enables the most creative and powerful business scenarios. Indeed how many of us and you get a chance to implement the most ambitious and craziest idea by combining the greatest and latest from SAP to implement their idea?

The experts we got for SUP, Gateway and HANA were the nicest experts we ever had at an InnoJam event: available, supportive, nice, all we were hoping for.

Just a few mosquito families spoiled our concentration.

At 10:15pm on Day 1 32 InnoJammers were still awake and passionately working on SUP, Gateway and HANA. And one of the 5 women InnoJammers was still around J

Several InnoJammers got so much into it (it is amazing how they get so passionate and commiteed everytime!) that they worked overnight without sleep. I myself left for a couple of hours at 6 am. When I came back at 8:30 am on Day 2, the room was full again. Amazing crowd!

Actually if you ask me… this InnoJam was much better than many: our system infrastructure was nicely set up (thank you Ingo and Juergen!), our experts were available, almost 24X7, supportive and nice, and of course the participants played the game!

And of course the TechEd team, Md Nadeem Haque, Idit Herzog and their crew, Anand Jayakumar and his team, the Labs facility team, did all the groundwork to make this InnoJam possible!

What’s next? Pictures, movies, blogs, news will be posted regularly on the TechEd BLR InnoJam wiki, thanks to Marilyn Pratt, Ram Parthasarathy and Abhisek Patnaik:

The winning team, Mob Riders, will compete at TechEd BLR Demo Jam on Wednesday night. Don’t miss them: they will be shown live from

Last but not least I’ll interview 4 InnoJam participants on Wednesday afternoon. It will be broadcasted on TechEd Live.


See you at TechEd BLR and soon at TechEd Madrid…

But before that “Sleep please”…

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  • All I can share is what the 350 odd folks missed (apart from few mosquitoes) who originally signed up. My focus for TechEd this time is HANA and after getting a chance to explore it over the weekend I felt confident skipping Basic Data Modeling with HANA Hands-on and go for Advanced Data Modeling Hands-on session. Not to mention we had a great team and true to InnoJam spirit we collectively explored the technologies and made something that worked. We did not make it to top three but we were Winners in that we all learnt probably more that what we might have in TechEd lecture sessions.
    Thank you and InnoJam Crew along with the experts (Yaad, Arvind are two whom I bugged most) who were there to support and help always.
  • Anne:

    It looks like even when not all the registered people attended (shame on them), Innojam was a huge success! -:D
    I have read many positive comments about the event and really makes me happy the use of HANA, Gateway and SUP…because those technologies are going to change the world and the way we work everyday with SAP -:)


  • Anne, you, Gigi and Ingo were absolutely phenomenal.  Where do you get your energy, enthusiasm, and willingness to help 30 hours non-stop?  You also found perfect matches in Yad and Arvind who complemented the support that your team gave with their Gateway and Hana knowledge.
    But what really blew my mind was the dedication of the participants.  Their excitement was contagious but truthfully, you set the tone and you and your team and extended team were an inspiration.  I enjoyed watching this unfold and kudos to all who led and to all that participated.  (PS: the judging was awesome as well…informative, supportive, guiding and giving really good feedback).  Loved the location in the cafeteria and can’t believe so many people stayed the course!!!  Can’t wait to do this again.  Kudos. Bravo. Hurrah!