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New (or Not So New) to SAP TechED Madrid?

SAP TechED for new (or not so new) attendees can be a little bit overwhelming:  thousands of unfamiliar faces moving in all different directions, hundreds of educational sessions, and many pods/rooms to locate. Since there are just a few weeks to SAP TechED Madrid, how can you quickly jumpstart your conference experience?


Building on the success of an impromptu gathering run by Marilyn Pratt at SAP TechED Las Vegas, the SCN team is organizing a New Attendee Meetup at SAP TechED Madrid. Join us at Lounge 6 in the Expert Networking Lounge (Clubhouse) on Tuesday, November 8th from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm. for an orientation to the conference. We’ll share some highly practical tips for maximizing your conference experience and you’ll get to meet other new attendees and kick-off your networking. Plus, you’re guaranteed to meet some friendly faces! 🙂


In the meantime we’ve started a wiki for tips and suggestions. Whether it’s SAP TechED, SAP Inside Track, ASUG User Conference, or other event, let’s share our best advice in this wiki or blog comments to help other attendees make the most of their conference experience.

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  • Hello Kirby

    This is a good initiative. Luckely I have some good contacts who already set me on the way with some nice tips.

    One thing I haven’t really asked much about is devices. To what extent is a notebook a necessity? The hands on sessions have notebooks from SAP in place I assumme?

    QR code t-shirts can be a good alternative to dragging along business cards, or QR code business cards an alternative to regular business cards as you instantly connect to other persons that way throu the QR code.

    It’s a pitty not all sessions where known at one point in time because my agenda is build but the expert sessions were not there yet. So I’ll have to redo the exercice once more when they are available.

    It’s a pit the friday was cancelled because it feels like so much will be going on in a relative short timeframe I will be missing out on important stuff.


    • Tom – computers are provided in the hands-on sessions

      I didn’t drag around a laptop – I brought my iPad only to follow Twitter.  I just added that to Kirby’s wiki

      The wiki is an excellent idea!

  • I’ve spoken (tweeted) with Marilyn about this and I’ll be attending this session as one of the ‘old hands’, even though this will be my first time in Europe 🙂  I’ve been to a few much smaller conferences in Australia, plus last years Tech Ed in Las Vegas, so I can relate to the ‘How big IS this thing ?’ feeling !!!

    One piece of advice, whther you’ve been to TechEd before or not, is to have lunch every day of TechEd (of course !!), but have it with 5 or 6 people you’ve never met before.