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SAP NetWeaver Gateway: 90-day trial version, train race, webinar, and other news

SAP NetWeaver Gateway 2.0 is now available to the general public! With the release of the solution, SAP is also offering a 90-day Gateway trial version for developers. In addition, join the pre-release program for the Adobe Flash Builder Plug-In for Gateway.  And, if you have what it takes to be a winner, submit your nomination for the SAP Train Race ASAP. Here are the details:

SAP NetWeaver Gateway 2.0 GA

After a successful ramp-up program, SAP NetWeaver Gateway 2.0 is now available to the general public. SAP NetWeaver Gateway helps companies connect front-end experiences such as Facebook, Twitter, interactive web applications, and mobile devices (with Sybase Unwired Platform) to their mission critical SAP business applications. The solution has proven to be an enabler for quick solution development as well as a promoter of innovative ideas. Expect more information about the release and customer momentum in the coming weeks.

90-Day Pre-Packaged Trial Version

SAP is offering a 90-day pre-packaged trial version of Gateway. The trial allows developers to set up an SAP NetWeaver Gateway environment and start developing applications in just 1 hour. The environment contains the SAP NetWeaver ABAP Web Application Server and the SAP NetWeaver Gateway add-on. The trial offers a Linux and a Windows version.

To download a copy of the trial and start developing, visit:

Adobe Flash Builder Plug-In for Gateway

The Adobe Flash Builder plug-in for Gateway will be available soon! The plug-in provides support for the development of Flex Mobile and Web applications that can browse, interact, and consume SAP NetWeaver Gateway Services.

If you are interested in working with the Flash Builder Plug-in, join the pre-release program:

To watch a demo, visit:


SAP Train Race: 2 countries. 72 hours. 50 Developers. 1 Fast Train.

Have you ever coded at a speed of 155 mph? This 3-day developer challenge includes a pre-training in Paris that will focus on highly compelling front end applications connecting to SAP systems using the SAP NetWeaver Gateway. The final round of the contest will take place in Madrid where the winners will be selected and featured during SAP TechEd Madrid. The event is sponsored by Microsoft and Adobe who will provide tools and support to use their technologies in conjunction with SAP NetWeaver Gateway.

When? November 4th to 7th from Paris to Madrid

For further details and to submit your nomination, visit:

Webinar: SAP NetWeaver® Gateway – Making development simple to bring SAP applications to your users

Join this webinar to discover how SAP NetWeaver Gateway is helping bring the power of business systems to the user work context, watch a demo showing how front end applications connecting to SAP software can be built in minutes using REST and OData market standards, learn about the architecture and technical implementation considerations, see customers examples, and get insights into creative solutions developed by partners.

When? October 25th, 2:00 PM ET/11:00 AM PT


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  • Thanks SAP for giving access to developers so they can try out Gateway. This should start keeping developers investigate Gateway.

    Is the trial license renewable for another 90 days or is it really 90 days and that’s it?


    • Hi Tobias,

      at least for the Linux Version it is possible to choose between the Trial and Developer license. And the Developer License can be renewed.

      Best regards

      • I am working for Gateway team as Solution Manager and involved in creating the pre-packaged Gateway version. Both license alternatives offered with the Gateway trial version (SAP community developer license and evaluation license) are for 90 days only. It is intended to help developers learn and try the SAP NetWeaver Gateway technology
    • Hi Anton,

      did you tried the Windows or the Linux Version? I had small problems to extract the SuSE Enterprise Linux. But it worked with 7Zip on a Windows XP Box.

      Best regards

      • Hi Gregor,

        tried the Suse VM and Gateway Linux ISO on Windows vista.
        VM works fine, Gateway installer is corrupt.

        Really looking forward to download the 6GB another time on my home network just because it has not been tested before publishing. But “einem geschenkten Gaul schaut man ja nicht ins Maul” as we’re used to say in German ;-).


    • Hi Anton,

      Thanks for trying, we seem to have a corrupt file and are currently checking on it. Will post back when updated.

      Thanks and regards,
      Wayne Brown
      Solution Specialist, SAP NetWeaver Gateway

  • … and this time the install worked like a charm.
    Thanks folks for quickly coming up with a fix to the initial installer bugs. Earlier annoyance already forgotten!

    And kudos to this excellent general roll-out with a very simple and relatively fast install procedure, great installation instructions for both the platform as well as for additional developer tools, super documentation for both the SAP-side procedures as well as for consumption and a large number of consumption tutorials and code examples for a great number of consumption platforms.

    I think I have not often seen such a coherent and complete knowledge transfer effort of high quality in detail from SAP before. Grats!

    If there weren’t the alledged serious licensing issues for production systems I’d buy some Gateway stocks 😉


    • Hi Anton,

      great to hear that now the installation worked so smooth. Thanks to the initiative of Rui Nogueira I was involved in beta testing the new Linux edition installer with Manfred Stein and Alexander Hass from the SAP Linux Lab since December last year. Due to that work the Business Partner transaction BP is now usable out of the box, the Linux edition contains the /CEX/ Namespace for Code Exchange and several other small improvements. Manfred Stein and Alexander Hass did an amazing job with the installer that does allow also an installation on Debian and Ubuntu.

      For the SAP NetWeaver Gateway Edition then Ning-Jing Gao reached out to me to do the beta testing. After I finally got the download completed with my 1.8 MBit/s DSL connection it worked like a charm. I did the installation just one hour before I had to leave for the SAP Inside Tack in Milan :-). And you’re right, the installation guide and other documentation are great. Hope that this example is picked up by other SAP product teams. I think due to better documentation the usage of SAP solution could be greatly improved.

      Best regards

    • Totally agreed with anton.  This is the best trial version kit SAP has provided.  The installation guide and the hot-to guides from Jeff Gebo were clear, accurate, and descriptive.  The procedure of getting the trial license worked without any flaw.

      This trial version is perfect for anyone wanting to get hands on the gateway 2.0.