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Let’s Talk about SAP’s “New” General Ledger

The following blog is written by Bob Bouvier – Senior Education Consultant in the North America SAP Education Delivery Organization.   Bob specializes in the areas of SAP ECC FI, SAP ECC CO, and FSCM.  He has more than 16 years of SAP FI Education consulting experience.   Bob has been certified in every release since R/3 2.0 and currently holds an SAP FI associate level ECC6.0 certification and a Accounting degree from Suffolk University Boston MA. You can contact Bob via email at




In my role as a Senior FI Education Consultant at SAP Education in North America, I find that many customers are still trying to understand and justify the benefits of using the New General Ledger.


First of all, I guess it’s time we stop calling it ”New”.  The General Ledger as we know it today came about in release ECC5.0 and it was called the New General Ledger (NGL).  Since then it has gone through a second release and a number of Enhancement Packs up through EHP6.5.


One of the first things noticed about the General Ledger, for any customer who has been using the system for some time, is its similarity to the Special Purpose Ledger.  A lot of the great, powerful, and purposeful features imbedded in Special Purpose Ledger are now common place in the General Ledger.


Have you ever had the need, business requirement, to create/add a new field into your system?  There was a time where the only way to accomplish this was through ABAP code change or using the Special Purpose Ledger.  With the General ledger it is now a simple process to add a field into the coding block and update the Field Status.


Another major change from a accounting perspective would be the moving of the Profit Center over to the FI/Ledger from Controlling or Managerial Accounting.  With this change and the use of Document Splitting, it is now possible to create complete financial statements at the Profit Center level.  It has also made it so much easier for us to comply with IFRS requirements at the Segment level.


If you are not aware of what the New General Ledger module within the ERP system can provide.  I strongly suggest that you consider the New General Ledger course (AC210).  The course covers the topics mentioned above along with others associated to the New General Ledger and provides an excellent platform to experience the functionality and integration of the New General Ledger.  We provide an entire curriculum of classes surrounding the Financial Accounting module and the New General ledger.


Understanding how the specific features and functionality of these applications work requires training and we are experts in providing this training.  To learn more about our training for New General Ledger, access the following link:   Specifically review the curriculum for class AC210.   Contact our Customer Interaction Center about AC210 or any SAP Education course at 1-888-777-1727 or email   


I look forward to opportunity to demonstrate the value of the “NEW” General Ledger.


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  • Hi Ken,

    maybe we should start calling them SAP Ledger vs legacy ledger to tell the difference?

    some clients shy away from making wholesale changes to their production ledger systems and may have never found much use for special (purpose) ledger.

    regarding the new functionality, my takeaway is document split, new currency translation, and FICO merge.

    i took AC210 and i highly recommend it.

    Best regards,

    Gregory Misiorek, CPA
    FI/CO Certified