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It was serendipty, really, a coincidence. I just happened to be in the SAP TechEd Las Vegas exhibit hall, with my Flip HD camera, when I started hearing strains of someone warming up and testing microphones in an Elvis Presley voice.

Lo and behold, it was the The specified item was not found. about to start! So I grabbed a spot in the front row and started filming. And I managed to capture the whole shebang.

Once I was back home, the challenge became getting this very large HD video (over 2.3 GB) into a format that could be uploaded for sharing. My SCN teammate Palm Norchoovech took it from there, and the result is the three video segments below.





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  1. Tammy Powlas
    posting these!  I missed the awards ceremony as I was assisting a hands-on workshop.  I greatly appreciate your taking the time to do this.

    I watched all of these and really enjoyed it!


    1. Audrey Stevenson Post author
      Tammy, glad you enjoyed the videos. The ceremony was a lot of fun! I was glad I had brought my Flip to the conference; I’m not sure what happened to the footage that other camera man was taking during the ceremony, but I never saw it posted anywhere.
  2. Greg Myers
    And here I was hoping none existed! 🙂
    I hope you all had as fun a time as we did with this. The SCNotties are a great tradition started by the SCNodfather, Mr. Jim Spath.

    Thank you. Thank you very much.

  3. Former Member
    There are some clear learning from this video:

    – Mark Finnern is a born performer
    – Greg is the mysteriously-interesting type
    – Sylvia is graceful (and did all the work to make this happen in the first place)
    – Moi should be kept away form microphones, particularly when singing is involved

    Well, we had fun, so if listening to it is torture, I apologize :-).


    And, thanks for posting, Audrey, I know with that big file it was a pain.

  4. Tom Cenens
    Hello Audrey

    I’m really glad you taped this as I wasn’t present at SAP TechED Las Vegas but my video was (first part in the second video posted in this blog). So thanks for letting me witness the SCNotty award show and the reaction of the crowd on my video (really cool to see/hear).

    I hope I can attend the award show in Madrid. Too bad the planning isn’t yet available so I hope the hands-on doesn’t get in the way of the awrd show.

    Kind regards


    Kind regards



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