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BWA support toolkit in latest Support Tool ST-A/PI

BWA Monitoring is a critical task for SAP BW operation team as most large scale BW installation already has included BW Accelerator as reporting accelerating solution.  There are also couples of BWA transaction codes that can be used to monitor BWA landscape, I.E, RSDDBIAMON2 and TREXADMIN.

However I believe still a lot of BW operation guys are getting headache to collect all current BWA statistics from a centralized place. You may have to go to RSDDBIAMON2 to get all BWA index size and then go to TREXADMIN to get the current blade server size.

There is a new BWA tool that you can use to get BWA statistics information – “BWA support toolkit”.

This toolkit is introduced with SAP Note 1517326 – “BWA Support Toolkit”. By manually implement this toolkit, you need to download the Z report and then implement in your monitored BW system. Actually it already been integrated into latest servicetool API component ST-A/PI. ST-A/PI version 01N already contains this BWA support toolkit.

2 ways to use this BWA support toolkit:

Option 1: SE38/SA38 – run report “ZBWA_TOOLKIT” if you cannot find this tool from ST-A/PI

Option 2: Go to transaction code ST13, input “BWATOOLS” as below:

By both way you can jump to BWA Support Tools main screen as below:

If you want to get overview of your BWA server, click BWA Summary button. All general BW blade server information can be displayed in single page as below captured:


Also you can display detail blade server status by check “Details of BWA Blade Servers”


The most useful information is the IndexServer memory utilization as I highlighted:


Next is another most useful function for this BWA Support Toolkit is “Index Usage Analysis” function:


With this function, simply you can get total BWA index record number and size information in blade servers as below:


However this toolkit seems only provide F table BWA index volumes. Dimension Table Index volume is not included.

If you want to know each function provided by this toolkit, then download How-To guide document from SAP Note 1517326 attachment.

Have fun with this BWA support toolkit. 

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  • Hi Xiaofan,

    thanks for promoting usage of ZBWA_TOOLKIT it is really nice tool. I wrote once some blog of how to find BWA Fill Level via this tool:

    However what I missign is kind of versioning of this tool.

    I was involved in upgrade project where this tool stopped working after upgrade. We had to upgarde the tool as well. If we would knew it before we could have prepare for it.

    Also if I look into the note 1517326 it says that current version is from 19.08.2011. Therefore I would need to upgrade in my system as well. But I’m not informed about new version. Would it be possible to have kind of “revision history” list in the Note?

    Cheers, Martin

    • Hello Martin,

      Originally this tool is delivered in SAP internally for SAP service delievey. So that’s why there is no “revision history” for this SAP Note 1517326.

      Actually this SAP Note latest version is Oct. 12, 2011. I would suggest you upgrade compnent ST-A/PI to latest version during your BW upgrade project. Latest ST-A/PI already include this Z report. I also believe with latest version note owner already change report name.if you still call this z report from SE38, then most likely you will fail to run this report.

      The latest ST-A/PI for SAP BW 7 EhP1 is 01N_700BCO. For SAP BW 730, the latest version is 01N_710BCO.

      Michael Wu
      SAP America