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Why don’t you share the source code of your mappings.

I’m currently involved in documenting how a java mapping works for a client. There are two challenges with this.


  1. I have not created the mapping, so I have no idea of what it does.

  3. The consultant did not leave the code.

That is some quite big challenges.  The customer is no longer using the consultant, so it is not an option to ask the person. I could test the mapping but it would not reveal anything that I did not know already.  I then had to decompile the code, which is quite simple.

I have done decompiling before to learn how other companies is doing some of their development or why it gives problems. I have been using JAD for decompiling of the java byte code with success before. So why not use it again.

The command is quite easy:

C:\temp\IA_FILE_URL_ECB_XRATES\com\sap\xi>jad FILE_URL_ECB_XRATES.class

Parsing FILE_URL_ECB_XRATES.class... Generating FILE_URL_ECB_XRATES.jad

Then it is possible to open the .jad file in a text editor to start to understand what is going on.  Notice that some code cannot be decompiled for on or and other reason. It is probably because they are using some complex format of the code, which is difficult to decompile.

When I do custom development of java mappings in eclipse, I always make the source and bin directory the same. That way the source files is places besides the java files. So when it is packed everything gets into the archive. Otherwise my guess is that you are hiding something of your bad code.

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  • come to my mind:
    a) what did the consultant do so that the company won’t hire him again to give the source code or write the documentation
    b) jad is a standard tool for decompiling Java, but … do you have the right to do so? If the code was given as class only and the license or agreement says: use as is?
    I’m using JAD to decompile from time to time code delivered with the SAP Portal and I’m not sure if this is 100% in line with the license …
    • a) I don’t know, change of consultancy or something. They got me instead, so there it a lot to live up to :).
      b) I dont think decomiling is allowed in the standard SAP license, but your are not selling the result so probably nobody will come after you.