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RESCUEIT – Best Paper Awards at WSNSCM’11

I am proud to announce you that RESCUEIT received two best paper awards at WSNSCM’11 workshop for the following publications: 


  • M. Khalfaoui, K. ELkhiyaoui, R. Molva “Privacy Preserving Products Tracking in Clustered Supply Chain

Abstract:One  of  the  main  applications  of  supply  chain management is product tracking. We define it as tracing the product path along the supply chain. In this paper, we propose
a  solution  to  track  the  product  while  preserving  the  privacy of  the  supply  chain  actors  involved  and  the  path  traced. More  precisely,  this  solution  allows  to  identify  which  path a  product  has  taken  in  the  supply  chain,  without  disclosing sensitive information. To allow product tracking, the product are attached to a sensor node. This latter stores a trace of the product  path  along  the  supply  chain.  The  trace  is  computed
using polynomial based signature techniques. We restrict the visibility  of  the  manager  of  the  supply  chain  by  organizing the supply  chain  facilities into clusters. Also,  we encrypt the path traces to ensure security against adversaries. To perform access control in the sensor nodes we use randomized Rabin scheme which is known for being efficient and lightweight. In this  paper,  sensor  nodes  are  not  required  to  perform  heavy computation,  which  makes  our  solution  feasible.  The  main achievement of this work is a cryptographic mechanism that allows to the supply chain manager to trace the supply chain
entities  that  product  went  through,  without  disclosing  the identity of those entities.


  • L. Gomez, M. Laurent, E. El Moustaine, “Integration of RFID and Wireless Sensor Networks into a Supply Chain Management System“.

Abstract: Wireless  Sensor  Networks  together  with  Radio Frequency   Identification   are   promising   technologies   for supply   chain   management   systems.   They   both   provide supply  chain  players  with  goods  tracking  and  monitoring functions   along   the   chain.   Whereas   RFIDs   are   rather focusing   on   identification   of   goods   (e.g.,   identification, classification),  WSNs  are  meant  to  monitor  and  control  the supply chain environment. Nevertheless, despite the interest for the supply chain  management systems, their integration is  often  deterred  due  to  the  lack  of  interoperability.  In  this paper,  we  propose  a  software  framework  which  makes easier the integration of both RFIDs and WSNs into supply chain management systems. 

In addition, the paper has been invited to the “Sensors and Transducers” and IARA journal.

Those publications are available upon request.

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