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Going to SAP TechED Madrid? Check out the SCNotty awards


I was just listening to the latest Seth Godin book “We are all weird” when it hit me. I have to blog about the SCNotty awards which take place at each SAP TechED. What are the SCNotty awards then? The SCNotty awards celebrate community members by providing them 30 seconds of recognition. Why is that important? I invite you to read on and find out.

Previous blogs on the subject

If you want some more background information on how the SCNotty awards got started you can read the blog Why do a #SCNotty? from Susan Keohan. Another blog by Susan Keohan is Many will ask, why are you so sad? and in that blog she calls out to the community members to create a SCNotty video.

SCNotty awards at TechED Las Vegas 2011

The SCNotty awards at TechED Las Vegas 2011 were a success, a lot of videos were created by SCN Community Members. You can take a look at the videos through the wiki page:

We are all weird

I checked out previous SCNotty videos from previous years and I noticed it’s not all that serious. You don’t necessarily have to create a short film that was edited in a professional way. You don’t have to be all serious, you can go for funny, happy, simple or whatever you feel up to and it’s only 30 seconds. Those 30 seconds are over really quickly.

I know it might require you to step outside of your comfort zone but it’s not that big of a deal. When you are doing business you also introduce yourself to your peers. Consider this introducing yourself to your fellow community members.

Remember: we are all weird and that’s a good thing. A topic which I addressed in August on my personal blog in my post Stop trying to be normal.

My first SCNotty entry

I created my first SCNotty this year for SAP TechED Las Vegas. Although I was not attending I felt like it would be a good idea. I’m a pretty active community member in terms of blogging, commenting and voicing for #sapadmin and other topics which I feel I should lean into. A lot of community members and SAP influencers which I follow attend SAP TechED Las Vegas. Since I couldn’t be there in person I could only deliver my business card 😉

I promised Natascha Thomson I would create a SCNotty video so from that point on I had only one choice: go and create something. I decided to create a video that was not to serious (perhaps that’s an understatement) and incorporate content related to SAP Community Members and SAP TechED. How is that me? I’m not a rapper and I never was but I like to laugh and make fun. This is me. Alright maybe I’m weird and not normal but I don’t see that as a bad thing. To my surprise the crowd also liked the video.

To be able to follow the story you should also check out the following SCNotty award videos from SAP TechED Las Vegas:

“One item or less” by Sylvia Santelli

 “SCNotty by nature” by Matthias Steiner

 “What the plural of Elvis?” by Susan Keohan

The story for my entry to SAP TechED Madrid 2011

At SAP TechED Madrid 2011 there will also be SCNotty awards. After I noticed on twitter there weren’t that many entries yet I decided it was time to take action. After a number of tweets, the words “Bring it on!” were part of the conversation which included Sylvia, Matthias, Susan and me.

At first I was planning to create a dull introduction of myself but then Matthias posted his entry for SAP TechED Madrid 2011 and he kind of threw my idea out of window. Why? Check out his video:

Now I didn’t have any option anymore but to go head on and pull out the rap hat again which proved to be difficult. I don’t have much problems to come up with the lyrics but I have a really bad cold. Leaning into it too hard kills my voice so I had to tone it down a little bit and hope my english is still understandable.

With lyrics and where they come from:

I’m back again for the SCNotties Madrid
This time I can even witness it

I’m going to SAP TechED Madrid obviously and I should be at the SCNotty Award Show

I saw Matthias driving around the block
Asking directions and checking his clock

Referencing Matthias Steiner’s rap video taped in his car along with some of his lyrics

His video is actually pretty nice
But it’s missing one item flavor flav spice

Going head on with Matthias for trying to take over my swagger, note trying 😉
Referencing Sylvia’s “One item or less” and my previous rap video which won the “Best Impression Of Flavor Flav”

The workflow goddess she’s divine
But I got my hands on HANA and I’m going to make her mine

The workflow goddess references Susan’s nickname and her video “What’s the plural of Elvis?”
I haven’t really met her but I love her sense of humor and I needed something that rimes mine
HANA of course references to SAP HANA which I’m going to take a Hands On session on at SAP TechED

I only have one more thing to say
Create your own SCNotty and go all the way

I only have one more thing to say references myprevious rap video “What was I thinking?”
The last sentence is the wisdom sentence in this rap video hoping to get someone to go create their own SCNotty entry and lean into it


Some reactions after posting my SCNotty entry. I can tell Matthias likes the video:


Go and create!

So what’s the clue of this blog? The SCNotty awards are the perfect entry point to get connected to other community members in a fun and lucrative way. I have already seen many tweets and persons stating they got connected at SAP TechED because of the SCNotties.

You can capture your SCNotty entry with a webcam, a cellphone, an iPad, whatever device that can capture video and you only need 30 seconds. My entries are captured using an iPad 2 and the videos have not been edited, converted or whatever. I just uploaded the video to youtube once it was done.

If you don’t have any recording device you can check out online tools and services that create video for you, you can place a voice recording on that video or even let the virtual avatar do the talking for you.

The deadline is 31st of October so don’t waste any time and create your SCNotty video now! Once your entry has been created you can edit the SCNotty wiki page to insert your entry. If you need help reach out to me or @scnotties.

Just don’t ask me how to insert an image in the wiki page because I couldn’t find the option either. I need some help as well 😉

I think I handled all excuses not to create a SCNotty video by now so what are you waiting for? Remember Small things do matter

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  • Hi Tom,

    When I read your tweet this morning my first thought was: oh no, not yet another post about the SCNotties (I did a quick look up and found at least a dozen other posts). Yet after reading it, I must say: nice job, and I enjoyed reading it.
    So thanks for sharing, especially the lyrics 😉
    And before you ask: may be…

    Cheers, Fred

    • Hello Fred

      Thanks for your comment and glad you still decided to read the post 🙂

      I noticed on the wiki page there still aren’t that many entries so I felt like I had to voice for it.

      You beat me to it 😉 maybe is better than no so I’ll settle for maybe for now 😉

      Kind regards


    • Hello Fred

      Thanks for taking the time to read the post, glad you did 🙂

      I hope maybe becomes yes after reading this blog and letting it sink in 😉

      Kind regards


  • Still shaking with laughter.
    Just when we thought we heard everything there was to hear about SCNotties…you’ve shown there is always one more thing to say, see, do.
    Yep.  Fun way to connect with people in this serious community of smart and very weird folks.
    • Hello Marilyn

      Thanks for your comment 🙂 I’m glad you liked it.

      SCN features a wonderful community and I hope some more community members join in for the SCNotty awards for SAP TechED Madrid 2011.

      Kind regards


  • Well, I wish I were going to all the SAPTechEd events, but I wish for Madrid so I could set you straight on the ‘divine’ thing.  (No, I really just wish I could meet you in person) But you have artistic license to tease me in any way you like.
    That goes for anyone else out there who may still have a video in waiting.
    Great job Tom!  I was LMAO.
    • Hello Sue

      Thanks, I wish I had been present at SAP TechED Las Vegas but I guess we can’t have it all 🙂

      Would love to meet you in person, I hope I can go Las Vegas somewhere in the next years to come. (that still sounds like a long time).

      Kind regards


      PS: Your tweets often crack me up