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Results of the global NetWeaver PI Survey 2011

As in the previous year, the International Focus Group for Process Integration (IFG for PI, formerly known as GSIG for PI) performed its yearly survey for SAP NetWeaver PI. The survey was scheduled from April 14th to July 5th 2011 and was open for all users and companies using SAP NetWeaver PI or XI as an integration platform. The survey contained 21 general questions and 9 questions about this year’s focus topic monitoring.

This year’s survey was a tremendous success for the international collaboration of the PI user groups, as the number increased from 155 last year to 412 participants from over 15 different user groups.

Survey Results

The following section shows an extract of the results.

Number of participants: 412

Participants per user group:

User Groups



Organization for SOA, Enterprise Architecture or integration:
(multiple selections allowed)


Used XI / PI release:
(multiple selections allowed if a company uses different releases in parallel)

XI/PI Release

Number of integration scenarios:

Number of Integration Scenarios

Required system availability (days * hours):

System Availability

Evaluation of system performance:

System Performance

As monitoring was one of the major pain points in our last year’s survey, we decided to make it a focus topic in 2011.

Indication whether monitoring is still a major pain point:

Monitoring Pain Point

Use of tools from other vendors to cover end-to-end visibility and traceability:

Use of other monitoring tools

Interpreting these results, it’s important to keep in mind that PI 7.3 as well as the new PI monitoring with SAP Solution Manager 7.1 was just in ramp-up phase during the survey, so that the feedback of the large majority of the survey participants still referred to the monitoring in the previous XI / PI releases.

A significant success of our last year’s global survey was that SAP really took our findings seriously and put additional efforts especially in the areas of monitoring and B2B connectivity. It will be interesting to see how the ratings in the next year’s survey will evolve when the first customers will have gained a broader experience with the new PI monitoring in SAP Solution Manager and the current PI 7.3 release.

Summary and conclusions

  • Growing user base
  • Majority of companies use PI for business critical scenarios
  • Monitoring remains the most critical functionality / pain point, but is addressed by SAP with the new PI monitoring functionality for SAP Solution Manager and NWA for PI
  • Stability and performance rated is as solid and significantly improved compared to the results in the previous years

Many thanks to all 412 participants! Look out for our next PI survey which will be scheduled from April and July 2012.

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  • Hi Holger,

    many thanks for sharing the results of the survey! It’s certainly good to see that so many responses were received, and that a lot of customers seem to be on fairly recent versions of the product. I hope this is reflective of customers’ desire to get onboard with the new features SAP is releasing…

    Are you able to share some insights about what features customers would like to see added or improved? I have a list of these and would be interested if others have similar items or I’m the only one on my soap box… Maybe that can be the topic of a follow-on blog? 🙂



    • Hi Sascha,

      in the survey we got the feedback that monitoring, connectivity and performance are the areas with the highest priority for functional enhancements.

      The collection of the requirement list is now the next tasks on our agenda, which is planned to start in November. We will keep you posted on SDN.


  • hi Holger,

    Thanks for sharing results and insight.
    I wonder, for ‘PI/XI release (prod)’, how does % sum up to more than 100%?
    Does it mean there are multiple orgs, using multiple PI installations on different releases?


    • Hi Praveen,

      yes, that’s caused by the fact that quite some organizations use multiple productive PI instances with different PI releases. But thanks for the hint, I will add a comment in the text above.