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Olé! Call for business scenarios for SAP InnoJam 2011 in Madrid or how you still can get on stage at DemoJam

Time is running fast and after a year of many, many SAP InnoJams there will be the last InnoJam for this year in Madrid from Nov. 6th-7th prior SAP TechEd. And again the winning team of the SAP InnoJam will be allowed to participate at the DemoJam during SAP TechEd (Link to DemoJam Las Vegas).

During this InnoJam we’ll present again SAP’s newest and coolest technologies to the participants and all of this around the topic of sustainability. We are eager to see what kind of prototypes the participants will do with SAP HANA, Carbon Impact, Duet Enterprise, Project River and other SAP technologies.

To make this a perfect experience for all participants we need good business scenarios that can be used to form teams around it and at the end create a cool prototype to give your creativity some guiding lines. There are already some scenarios on the corresponding Idea Place session for this event that you can take as a start for your ideas. Ideally you should think about a scenario where you can use the SAP technologies you’re most interested in. You can find the complete list of technologies we’ll present at the InnoJam Madrid Wiki page.
Of course it should be attractive enough that you can recruit good people for your team.
And remember: you don’t need to be a “techie” to propose a business scenario. There will be experienced developers at the event that will join your team if the scenario is cool and it can make use of the technologies we present at the beginning of the event.

If you need some additional inspiration you can read some of my blogs with videos of the final presentations of other teams at other SAP InnoJams like the ones in Insomnia @ SAP InnoJam 2011 Netherlands: Part 3 of 3, Insomnia @ SAP InnoJam 2011 Sydney: Part 3 of 3 and SAP InnoJam 2011 Las Vegas – a summary.

And if you haven’t done, yet, I’d propose you register today for the SAP InnoJam 2011 in Madrid. The event runs from November 6th-7th just before SAP TechEd Madrid at the same venue. If you want to go there and need some help to convince your boss read a blog I’ve written for the SAP InnoJam in Australia called “Why your boss should send you to SAP InnoJam 2011 in Sydney (Jul 30-31)?“. Most of the reasons also apply to SAP InnoJam in Madrid where you have (additionally) the possibility to get one of the DemoJam stage spots.

On a personal note I’d like to share with you that this TechEd is very special to me, as we’ll do it in Spain. I’m Portuguese and besides all the stories that you (might) have heard regarding the relationship between Portuguese and Spanish people I’m really looking forward to be in the capital of Spain. Believe it or not I’ve never been in Spain other than during the loooong drive-throughs in my school vacations when my family and I drove from Germany to Portugal and back to Germany wihtout spending a few days in Spain.
During history Portugal and Spain have sometimes been allies but most of the time they were rivals. I think this special relationship between these two nations can be compared as a relationship between two brothers or sisters. Sometimes they might be fighting with each other, but at the end they are still family and love each other (although they’d never confess it to somebody else, of course :).

Looking forward to see all of you in Madrid.


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