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The SAP TechEd Madrid After Party

The canceled Friday morning sessions

When SAP TechEd Madrid was announced, it was to be held 8 till 11 November. OK, first it would be from 7 till 10, but that was corrected soon enough. I was pretty excited that finally the European edition would be four days instead of the usual three, probably due to the co-location of SAP TechEd with SAPPHIRE NOW, or so I assumed. So I quickly booked my flight to Madrid, to arrive on Sunday morning (hopefully just in time for the start of Innojam), and to leave on Friday evening on the first occasion to fly back after the Friday morning sessions.

Then some weeks (months?) ago SAP canceled that whole Friday morning of sessions. When I noticed, and complained about it (being an aspiring troublemaker), I was assured by Chip Rodgers that the sessions were still there and had only been rescheduled to the other days. His answer didn’t really help me:

  1. I still had 4 hours less to attend sessions (or have discussions or anything whatsoever) which meant less value add from the event.
  2. Had I known this when the event was announced, I would for sure have booked an earlier flight home (ok, I admit this is mainly my personal annoyance).


However this seemed to be the end of the discussion. The cancellation meant that I now had a whole day available to do some shopping, sight-seeing etcetera, which in itself is not a bad thing. Still, I would have preferred another 4 hours of solid sessions.

Community to the rescue!

The discussion of the lost rescheduled sessions popped up on a few other occasions and I noticed that I clearly wasn’t the only one that regretted this decision, but well, the problem is: what can you do but accept the decision to cancel the Friday? Not much, right?

Well, actually not right! A couple of days ago, when the “Who’s Coming” page of SAP TechEd became available, the Friday-discussion started all over again on Twitter and Christian Braukmüller, Martin English and I came up with the plan to use the Friday to have some more discussions about TechEd and SAP-related stuff. Martin also immediately offered to tell something about SAP on IaaS before his plane left in the afternoon. Chris Kernaghan also weighed in and wanted to join, so there was immediate support for the  idea.

However let’s be clear about it: this will not be an SAP Inside Track, but just an informal gathering of people who love to discuss and share what they have heard and seen at SAP TechEd Madrid.

Raising attention online

So here you have the main reason for this blog: raising awareness among those going to Madrid. I also created a wiki-page which should get all of you signed up!

Now why would you want to sign up, when you are (of course) free to cancel at any time, and when you may not even know yet what you‘ll want to do on this Friday, assuming you‘ll still be in Madrid in the first place? Well, it gives us an indication of how many people are interested, and consequently if we should continue with the plan and make the necessary arrangements, or that we’d better buy some tourist guides and do the necessary shopping/sight-seeing. Personally I hope we will attract enough people to make this happen. Which leads to the next challenge:

The venue: crowd-sourcing to the rescue?

We need a (semi)-public space that we can use for our discussions/presentations. That is another reason for this blog post: I don’t know my way around Madrid at all, so I really hope someone will step up and guide us to a convenient place. Now, the following might be a bit too much for our purposes, but it gives you the idea:

Palacio Real

End of blog, for now…

… But I do hope to be able to come back to the community and update the wiki page with all relevant info like the venue, the program, a timetable etc. For now I’ll just sit back and wait for all your enthusiastic responses and support. Thank you! 😉

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    • Thanks for your kind words Tammy. I wish you were going to Madrid too, would be great to meet you IRL. Will try to get to the US sometime 😉

      Cheers, Fred

    • It’s really too bad you can’t make it Ivan (poor planning on your side 😉 ). Let’s just make sure we’ll meet before Friday! There must be other partying opportunities 😉

      Cheers, Fred

  • Reading the first part of the blog was making me sad again, because canceling the friday morning and moving the sessions to the days before is really less “TechEd” for us.
    Having the “SAPphire” at the same time & place is nice, but my agenda is already filled from 7.30am to 7pm.  But moaning won’t help: Let’s build “Day#4” on our own. Maybe someone in Madrid is able to offer or suggest a location for an informal meet-up. We can call the Paella-delivery-service at noon.
    Maybe there are some trainers shipwrecked in Madrid on friday, too. 🙂
    Thank you Fred, for bringing the first small twitter-steps to a usable start-up for the after”party”! I’m looking forward to meet you all  to reflect all the impressions of the previous days. 
    Isn’t it often important to find someone just to talk about it.  🙂 Our partners & kids will be deeply grateful to get us back in a cooled down mood after an additional (smoother?) day.  (My wife thought i’m on drugs when i returned from the last TechEd and InsideTrack.)
    • The more I hear about this the more I think there’s value of having a “decompression” session at the end…as a way of sharing and learning.   I like the idea of cooling off on the way home too.

      I hope things work out for the best.


      • Hi Christian and Tammy,

        I hadn’t thought about it as a decompression day, to cool off. Now that you two mention it, I can remember it was very much needed after TechEd Las Vegas (if I’m to believe all the tweets about it). Might even cure PTWS ;-). So if the doctor ordered it, what else is there to do but attend?

        Thanks for clarifying!

        Cheers, Fred

  • Hello Fred

    My flight back is round 19:45 on friday so you can count me in for the after party 😉

    I will be glad to connect and talk with fellow community members and share thoughts on the TechED recap.

    Kind regards


  • Great idea.  Unfortunately didn’t know in time to change flight.  I love the idea of a “post TechEd” community day. So please count me in for future plans….
    • Mmm, community day, sounds good! Whatever comes of it this year, I agree that for next year we should definitely make it a community day.
      I noticed your time of departure on the wiki, and indeed I’m afraid you’re not gonna make it on Friday (that is: wé are not going to make it on time…).
      Thanks for the encouraging words, and see you in Madrid!

      Cheers, Fred

  • Hi Fred (and everyone else),
      One reason I was so eager to stick my hand up to speak at the After Party is that I was originally slated to present on “SAP on Iaas (not just Amazon)” at TechEd Las Vegas, but couldn’t make it. So Madrid gets to suffer instead 🙂
      I’m a realist, so I change my opinions as the facts change. This very often means that whatever I have to say about a subject before a conference is very different from what I say after the conference. In fact, looking over my teched presentation on the weekend, there’s quite a few bits I would change if I was giving it this week.  Because I do expect to learn more, and because of the realtively informal structure, I won’t actually be giving a presentation at the After Party.
      What I would prefer, is something we have done for several years at the Community Day (which was renamed after Inside Track this year) at the Mastering SAP technology conferences in Australia, and that is sitting in a circle (or around a table), and discussing the subject; in this case, SAP Cloud Computing with Infrastructure as a Service or ….

    SAP in the Cloud – IAAS, but not necessarily AWS

    BTW, While I reserve the right to say “I’m boring myself, I’m gunna go listen to someone else”, I’m more than happy for the conversation to go as wide as possible, from running NSP systems on Virtual Box to replicating HANA using Hadoop / MapReduce 🙂


    • Hi Martin,

      I’m very glad you’re still committed ;-). Excellent idea to use roundtables instead of formal presentations (didn’t have those in mind myself, but had not thought of this alternative).
      I’m more than happy to meet you in Madrid at this now GREAT event called SAP TechEd!

      Cheers, Fred