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BI and EIM 4.0 Education Offerings: an ASUG Webcast

This ASUG webcast was sponsored by the ASUG BusinessObjects Strategic SIG Education Group.  Tim Brietwieser, SAP, spoke about the SAP Education offerings while Cary Samulka, SAP, spoke about the Knowledge Accelerators available or upcoming with BI 4.0.


First up, a review of BI 4.0 education offerings.


Figure 1, Source: SAP


Figure 1 shows the education for roles and user types and focusing on the usage of the tools.  Training is offered on different levels, including offerings on  the integration of BI/BW tools and with Data Services.   Training is offered in academy and certification.


Figure 2, Source: SAP


Training bundle options can be found here

Figure 2 shows the different delivery channels (see glossary in lower right corner)


Figure 3, Delta Training for BI 4.0, Source: SAP


The TZBI40 1 day course overview, shown in Figure 3, is delivered as virtual training.  TZBI4I and TZBI4S can be combined into one course TZBI43. 


Figure 4, SAP Integration Training, Source: SAP

BO100 is a 5 day course focusing on integration with Business Warehouse.  The course is available now.


Figure, 5, Crystal Reports 2011, Source: SAP


Figure 5 shows the Crystal Reports 2011 training.  The BOC320 course is now 3 days and includes the former BOC330 course. 

The three courses BOC310, BOC320, BOC345 prepares you for certification. 


No certification is available for Crystal Reports for Enterprise yet.



Figure 6, BI Platform


Figure 6 shows some course are available via e-learning (BOE315, BOE325) in addition to classroom training (BOE310, BOE320)


Training is also available for the following:

Crystal for Enterprise


Web Intelligence

Information Design Tool



Further information can be found in the Training Catalog

Predefined learning packages are available in bundles. Training bundle options can be found here

Question & Answer for Tim:

Q: What is virtual live classroom?

A: Students are located anywhere in world and the instructor virtually guide him through the course.  Participants have access to the training system.


Q: Will TZBI delta courses be offered in North America soon?

A: Yes


Q: Is there training for Analysis OLAP?

A: Will be added in the near future


Q: Dashboard course reduced from 3 to 2 days…why the reduction?

A: Content coverage is not reduced as in the past sometimes it was offered as a 2 day course.


Knowledge Acceleration for BI 4.0


Figure 7, Source: SAP


The Knowledge Accelerator is in SAP Productivity PAK by Ancille.  If you have the tool you can change the content as shown in Figure 7.  The goal is to show your users how to create reports. 


Figure 8 – Source: SAP Sample


Figure 8 is a sample of the Knowledge Accelerator, showing the structure of a course.  Each course has a self test and assessment to practice what you learned.  The tests are provided to help you “practice in a safe way”. 


Figure 9, Sample Assessment, Source: SAP


Assessments, as shown in Figure 9, can be scored and tracked in a learning management system.


Figure 10, HTML Work Instruction


Cary explained that an HTML work instruction is also provided.  This is broken out separately so people who are on the job do not have to “break out” the course again.  It is also available in PDF mode so people can print their materials.  It is also available in simulation mode – demonstration or tutorial mode.



Question & Answer:


Q: How do we get trial access to Knowledge Accelerator (KA)?

A: Send your account rep a note – 2 week trials are available

Q: What is the price structure for KA?

A: It is on a named user license for those using the BI solution.  Contact your education representative.


Q: Are practice exams available for certification?

A: Sample questions are available


Q: Are there KA’s available for administrative tasks?

A: No, because KA is focused around end-user audiences.  KA is to educate the masses.


Q: Will KA’s have proper names such as Web Intelligence instead of Interactive Analysis

A: Will be in SP 1 release

Cary said once you pay for maintenance for software you get updates.


Q: Will hands-on be available at the ASUG BusinessObjects User Conference?

A: Cary will be hosting 2 walk-in sessions next week.  He will be in the showroom and will provide demos.


Q: What is the architecture for KA?

A: KA is built using Ancille UPerform; it is a simulation recording tool for e-learing that are flash-based or html based. 


Q: Question about Live Office in Figure 11 – it is still a separate product.


Figure 11, Source: SAP

A: BI platform is how people will get access to Live Office which is why you would buy BI Platform title to access Live Office content in KA.  SAP is following the software model.


I learned a great deal about training options in this webcast.  Cary Samulka will be at the ASUG BusinessObjects Conference in Florida and will have hands-on demonstrations of the Knowledge Accelarator.

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