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Setting Summary Info of a Crystal Report using .NET SDK

Crystal Reports 2008 (designer) can help you and others identify the report(s) through Summary Info.  With this blog I would like to show how it can be added/set using Crystal Reports .NET SDK.

Why should Summary Info be used?

  1. Not always we want some information to be printed, but known to the recipient of the report.
  2. This can serve as personal note explaining everything on which this report is based or as a comment explaining about the data in the report.
  3. Summary Info lists author, keywords, comments, title, subject, and template.

How to add/set it from Crystal Reports Designer?

  • Open a report
  • File > Summary Info

Summary Info

  • A dialog box called Document Properties would open as follows and fill whatever is required.

Document Properties

How to set it using Crystal Reports .NET SDK?

Use following code which is quite simple to implement.

Sample Code

ReportDocument rd = new ReportDocument();


rd.SummaryInfo.KeywordsInReport = “Quantity, Products, OrderID “;

rd.SummaryInfo.ReportAuthor = “Saurabh”;

rd.SummaryInfo.ReportComments = “This is intended for testing”;

rd.SummaryInfo.ReportSubject = “Adding Summary Info to reprot”;

rd.SummaryInfo.ReportTitle = “SummaryInfo”;


Automating this process, one can really save lot of time to complete this activity manually.

Note: Don’t forget to close and dispose the ReportDocument object after the completion of the task.

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