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Many will ask, why are you so sad?

I wish I were going to #sapteched events, in Bangalore, Madrid, and Beijing.  Why?  Besides the obvious answer of never being able to soak up enough SAP knowledge, there are probably thousands of people attending these events. SAPTechEd Bangalore already has thousands registered; SAPTechEd Madrid is combined with #SAPPHIRE and the last stop on the #SAPTrain. And I am looking forward to hearing about SAPTechEd Beijing. And of the thousands of people attending these three events, I might know about 20.  OK, well maybe a few more.

So why does this make me so sad?  Because I know there are lots of fantastic people going.  Smart people.  Kind people.  People with interesting hobbies and talents.  Funny people.  And I won’t get to meet them. 

Sometimes this SAP World (in the US) feels so small.  You can hardly swing a cat without hitting a person who has been employed where you were, or was on a project you were on, or knows some of the same people you know.  And yet… unless you get the opportunity to travel to other geographies, you will never know anyone outside that circle!

That’s why I am a big fan of the #SCNotties.  These are little videos (OK, some not so little) where people introduce themselves to the SAP Community Network.  Yes, there is the prized award of a piece of wood that some lucky souls will win.  But more than that, it’s connecting!  Connecting with others around the world who may share your interests (SAP Workflow, in case you did not know) or hobbies (sailing) or even your passions for volunteering (BARC, in the case of Gretchen Lindquist, Leave No Trace in the case of Jim Spath).

So, in the interest of getting to know some SAPTechEd Madrid attendees a little better, I am going to post some personal pictures here, and hope that starts some ‘conversation’ – or maybe even a little ‘30 seconds of Recognition

Here is Harry the Ninja doing an impression of Matthias Steiner.  Although Harry did it first, so I guess Matthias is doing an impression of *him*!


I am also the proud co-owner of this:

And I have a sweet yellow Lab girl who used to be on Twitter but I forgot her password, and dogs are very unreliable when it comes to passwords.


So my purpose (besides obvious bragging rights) in posting these pictures is to pose a question to everyone attending SAPTechEd – whether Bangalore, Madrid, or Beijing – If you have anything to share, do it!

Please, feel free to introduce yourself to me, and the Community.  Submit your Video today.

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  • … I know that guy! 🙂 you know that’s been MY signature move’ for years and since I’m older than Harry Ed. note: well, at least physically… mentally may be another story I claim it as invented-here! Harry, that crazy little Ninja may have patented it and calls it his special Ninja finishing move or whatever… but all I can say is bring it up young man and we’ll see who owns it! </WWF_tone><br/><br/>Just for the record! ;)<br/><br/>

    • Matthias, It’s clear to me that Harry used his stealthy powers to sneak up on you and plant that idea in your head.  You even think it was your idea.
      That’s how stealthy he is.  He’s like Chuck Norris for 11 year olds.
    • Hi Kumud,
      Thanks!  Jim is so prolific (and funny) that it’s hard to keep up with his videos.
      Lucky you – getting to hang with him at #sapteched #bangalore. 
  • Great blog Susan. It is sad indeed being not able to attend these wonderful events. SAP over the time has made these events very interesting, informative and fun. Have never attended any of these events personally, but thanks to the teched online, was able watch most of the events online.

    Thank You SAP !!!


    • Hi Shail,
      Thank you for your kind comments.  Why not post a little video of yourself (to SAPTechEd Madrid Wiki) even if you can’t be there?
      TechEdOnline content is great, but there’s nothing like being able to put a name and a face together!

      Looking forward to it 🙂