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Lights, Cameras, … SCNotties!

Up until a week ago, when the original deadline for community recognition videos was set for the SAP TechEd Bangalore event, I was really getting worried that the large population of SCN members in India was going to be a vast silent majority, producing no actors or actresses to hit their marks and say their lines. But then Hussain Sehorewala and Kumud Singh stepped up, following by a smattering of others.  Finally, with inside help from SAP’s offices, we have more entries than I can count, at least on my two hands.

For those who have just tuned in, we’ve done an awards contest, called the SCNotties, for several years, culminating with awards shows at different TechEd conferences.  This year, te topper so far was an extravaganza in Las Vegas where several varieties of Elvis were spotted, and at least 10 trophies were given to community members for their artistic merit.  That’s our story and we’re sticking to it.

Next on the agenda is awards in Bangalore, with the underlying there something to do with Bollywood, though as we noted on a conference call yesterday planning for the Madrid event, contestants are free to submit whatever they like, and judges are free to alter the categories to suit their whims.  The primary goal of this effort is community recognition, with the nominal rule being to file yourself in a 30-second video clip, saying or doing something about the SAP Community Network.  But as we’ve seen, community members are creative.

Jumping ahead to Madrid, we had only one entry yesterday, with the deadline less than 4 weeks away.  To enter, film yourself, upload the 30-second (or so) clip, and put a link on the wiki page.  Or have someone else do it, as long as we heard about it before the end of October 2011 (for Madrid).

Of the several videos uploaded for Bangalore in the last couple days, I have picked one where I can fairly positively identify the participant (these don’t come with credits, alas).  To publicize this brave soul, and to throw down a challenge for others to get their videos online before the Bangalore deadline of MONDAY OCTOBER 10, 2011 (at Midnight Eastern Daylight Time), here, without further ado, is Waman Shirwaicar:


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  • I will create a SCNottie it is on my list.  No worries if it is not judged as I won’t be at the Techeds – I did go to LV Teched.  I didn’t get done with my SCNotty by then.  I believe Sue is going to or has done something too!


    For those worried your SCNotty is going to be hard to create.  It will take too much time.  I just do mine with a camera.  Usually in my backyard.  Mine usually isn’t fun.  But they don’t all have to be.

    • Hello Michelle,
      Did you somehow read my thoughts or was there a telepathy?
      I was thinking yesterday that you promised to publish your entry in Susan’s blog and I am still waiting for it.(10th the last day) I also hope to see your pets in that.(depends on your wish and time limits)
      Also your link of the session at tech-ed?Please excuse me and let me know the link in case you have already published it…


  • Hi,

    Can a member get a Award if he is not present at TechEd?

    I will not be able to make it. But keeping my fingers crossed 🙂

    Hussain Sehorewala

    • Hussain: We have not made attendance at TechEd a requirement to win, as we understand travel budget and approval restrictions.  As the first entrant for the Bollywood SCNotties contest, not counting Abesh and I, you are automatically a leading contender for an award.  Those who miss the deadline (and you know who you are) might not fare so well ;-). 
      Sorry we won’t get to meet in Bangalore.  My trip agenda is published on an SCN blog somewhere, and I need to update it online with more details, in case we can cross paths in another place.