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Deep Dive into New SAP Mobile Apps for HCM, CRM, ERP, SRM & GRC

The Alphabet Soup in the headline tells you just how broad SAP and Sybase’s app ambitions are. 

Listen to these two webcasts – part of the SAP Mobile Insights series – and you’ll learn how deep they are, too.

On October 11 (11 am ET/8 am PT), SAP senior vice-president for mobility Nick Brown will demonstrate some of the latest mobile apps to come out of the Mobile Applications Unit (MAU) at SAP.

Register here.

These include apps in the areas of CRM, ERP, Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) and Governance, Risk management and Compliance (GRC). Apps that can streamline and accelerate processes, boost revenues and deliver quick ROI.

Many organizations, having laid a strong foundation for enterprise  mobility (deployed smartphones and tablets and started managing them), are ready to go to that level.;content

And as I wrote in a previous post, if you rethink the business concept of ‘lowest-hanging fruit’ as being about projects that quickly return ROI to you, then deploying mobile business apps makes a ton of sense.

Another recommendation for the Oct. 11 webinar: Brown is essentially the number two guy overseeing the MAU group,  under Sybase CMO Raj Nathan. So he knows these apps in and out. And  having moderated a talk with him in front of analysts at SAP TechEd last  month, I know he’s a smart guy and a straight shooter.

Just a week later on October 18 at the same time, SAP vice-president of marketing for Human Capital Management (HCM) Vanessa Sailor and Nish Pangali, director for the HCM Center of Excellence at SAP, will co-present demos of SAP’s latest HR and HCM apps

Register for the HR and HCM webcast here.

Half a dozen of these apps are planned for release this quarter.

And a shout out to the SAP Education team and its partner, Door Consulting Ltd.: they’ve just released a new mobile debugging and troubleshooting tool for ABAP developers. 

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  • SDN is a developer network. I have been trying to get technical information on the HCM apps since May, but all I got was the Youtube video that demoes them.

    I have a strong feeling this will be another functional session. That’s perfectly fine if you have a functional minded crowd in front of you ofcourse, but with the technical audience that SDN inherits, I would be very eager to see some technical deep dive into New SAP Mobile Apps….

    • I attended the WebEx “On-Device Solutions for SAP Procurement – The Road Map and Introduction of the First SRM Mobile Application” two days ago and it is true that the session felt more like a sales event. Unfortunately prices haven’t been communicated. So I also would like to hear more about the technical background and how the apps have been developed with SUP 2.1 and how the communication with NetWeaver Gateway is working. Moreover I’d like to know how the difference between a native app (developed with XCode for instance) and SUP is. So I hope of more technical sessions/SDN blogs in the near future.
      • Just to reply to a portion of this:  SUP is not a replacement for xCode or Eclipse when developing native apps. 

        With SUP, you use a design tool to model the data (Eclipse in the case of synchronized/offline apps, or the Gateway molding tool for OData online content).  You then start a project in xCode, copy in some SUP libraries (and generated object classes/database for offline apps) and develop as you would a typical native app.

        SUP’s Hybrid App option can be a substitute for native apps, but in the same way–these are not a proprietary metadata-driven UI, but HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS-based.  They run in the Hybrid Web Container so that the apps have access to the business-process API that enables push, and offline queuing for operations (approvals) submitted when the device is disconnected.

        • Hi Stan

          thank you for your feedback. I didn’t know that and I’d like to know more about the technical infrastructure which is necessary to develop mobile apps for the enterprise. Especially in combination with SUP and/or Gateway. Can you recommend some links or documents? Thank you in advance.