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6 Oct 2011 Postal Bulletin – BIG Label List changes

It seems this edition of the Postal Bulletin starts the process of really trimming the facility list of the USPS. There is a lot of visual “noise” in the listings, but for one example take a look at the L005 listing of the SCF sortations. After changes for nearly 40 facilities (“Change From” and “Change To” entries) there are more than 50 listings that are deleted.

Now, this says nothing about whether any of these facilities are closing, but it certainly seems that their processing is being rerouted. You can go through and pick your own example, but as one that affects our office’s state of Wisconsin one can see that the SCF in Eau Claire, WI goes from serving 3DG ZIP 547 to serving 547 AND 548, while the line for Spooner, WI 548 gets deleted from the table – so long, Spooner.

With such a large number of changes, there are sure to be some issues with data integrity that were just missed. I say this because I know of one that was already emailed around to point out an issue with one such scenario: Kingman, AZ 864 gets removed from the L005 SCF table and the ZIP is switched to Las Vegas 890, and Las Vegas is part of the NDC Los Angeles 901 area. BUT the L601 table of NDC areas shows ZIP 864 as part of DENVER 80088 and that was not updated, and L602 for ASFs shows 864 as part of Phoenix – also not updated.

The problem here would be that an SCF 890 pallet for Las Vegas to drop to Los Angeles could contain mail for 864xx, but that mail is supposed to go to Phoenix or Denver, according to the tables. Or another way it might appear is if you segregate the ZIPs based on the entry point, the 864 ZIP might be part of a Phoenix entry point and the rest of the Las Vegas ZIPs part of the Los Angeles entry point. If there were enough mail to both you might get an SCF 890 pallet going to Phoenix AND another to Los Angeles, rather than one large 890 pallet going to whichever place is correct (presumably Los Angeles, but I suppose you never know). So be warned, there could be some funny things happening with these changes! These changes will be in our October directories, but are not required until 17 December 2011.

As for the other DMM Revisions, the most attention-grabbing item I see is the one about mixed class comail, but that appears just to be a copy of the Federal Register Notice (FRN) from June 28 of this year. Other revisions are about mailing of firearms, legal containers for mailing adult fowl, reorganization of the text for Move Update and ZIP Code Accuracy standards, and updates on how the USPS can suspend Periodicals Privileges. From a Presort standpoint, these items do not appear crucial, but obviously you want to check them out if they might affect you!

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