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Making use of the Presort Wizard & Templates

Do you have a Presort job that you need to create but aren’t sure how to do it?  If so, there are a couple of ways Presort can help.



1. If you have Views, you can use the Presort Wizard!  It’s a handy tool within Views that asks a few questions about your job and how you want to prepare it.  The questions will vary depending upon the type of job you’re trying to create.  After you’ve answered the questions, the wizard sets up your job with the right combination of presort schemes and reports.  When finished, you’ll have the choice to execute the job or save it to edit or run later.  

To get started, under the File menu in Views, select New > Wizard. 



A series of screens will be displayed prompting you for information.  Simply provide the information requested and click Next until you’re done.  An example (with screen shots) of how to setup a Standard Automation Letter job using the Wizard can be found here: 

2. If you don’t have Views or prefer not to use the Wizard, you can also benefit from using the Presort templates. The templates provide a good starting point as they contain jobs with preset schemes and reports.  Each template is set up to reflect a different mailing scenario.  Choose the template that best matches your mailing requirements for the job that you need to process.  To find what template is right for you, see the table in the Presort Job-File Reference ( ) starting on page 23 or look in the Views online help for an explanation of all the templates. 

You’ll find the templates in the template subdirectory (i.e. \pw\pst\template on windows or /postware/presort/template on unix) where Presort is installed.   You can open and modify the template within Views or with your choice of editor.

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