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a non-politically correct feedback on SAP Tech’Ed

–       You ALWAYS have tons of food and drinks everywhere. Result: even though I never had any snack/cookie during the conferences, I am now 4 pounds heavier (merely just by seeing snacks and feeling surrounded by food all the time, I guess?)

–       Because of the heat, some women in Las Vegas casinos tend to wear very short dresses….I mean: very VERY short, both on top and on the bottom part…..maybe it’s an air circulation trick?

–       The most important person during the whole SAPTECH’ED event was someone called Hannah ! (and her name was strangely often misspelled…). Never seen her for real…

–       The SAPTECH’ED event is divided in 2 categories: people who want to learn things and attend lectures, and people who want to win an IPAD 2 (and they had a lot of opportunities). 

–       If you have to choose between attending an important conference and receiving a piece of wood as a prize for being stupid on a video, you should definitely go to the prize ceremony! (if you don’t want people to shout your name because you’re not there) => SCNotties Award

–       In Las Vegas hotels, a normal human being is able to use 3 TV sets (yes : three)  in his room ??!!… least that’s what Venetian customers told me, as I had only one in my hotel. I still feel subhuman about it….

–       The event should at least last last 2 weeks ! one week to speak about SAP, one to talk about other things. Because I have met really great and interesting persons (I could have spent hours talking about very different things!…you know your names), but everyone was always busy running to another meeting 😉

–       The weather is so hot outside in Las Vegas that people actually need to have an Iceberg atmosphere when they’re inside ! (maybe to compensate?)

–       SAP had an excellent idea : give a Water Bottle to everyone, so that they would always refill it instead of throwing away paper cups…..but all the water fountains were always surrounded with mountains of paper cups, that everyone kept  on taking and throwing away immediately….

–       A Rock concert is quite a different concept at a SAP TECH’ED event that what I’m used to. There are rows and rows of chairs (!!) that are promptly abandoned as soon as the concert starts. And then you can actually see serious-looking men almost banging their head with the music ! and I even saw one or two of them doing the devil sign !! (with one hand only, because the other hand is holding the Smartphone and filming the concert)

–       Natascha T. (name hidden) is supposed to drink Chai Latte only…with all the energy she shows, I must really ask what ingredients they use at Starbucks for this Latte !!

–       NEVER forget to bring at least one clone or two with you ! so many things happen at the same time that it would be impossible for one person alone not to feel frustrated because they have missed a lot …

–       The most important thing I learned: HANA is the new Database that will replace BW. It will be sold as a software in later versions…..and it’s very difficult to implement….

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  • I love reading about it through a different set of eyes. 

    It was great meeting you!  And working with you during Innojam – an excellent experience.

    Great – and fun blog!


    Who wants to be politically correct anyway?  It does get boring after awhile.

  • Hi Eric, I totally agree with you about the prized piece of wood.  Shame that you were not there for the ceremony.
    Personally, I did not even use one of my TV’s, nevermind the third one in the bathroom. Call me a minimalist 🙂
    I guess you will have to show off your amazing Yoga skills at the next conference.
    • No TV for me either!  We seemed to have a lot of night activities.

      Embracing Inclusion with Design Thinking – Driving Innovation (or Midnight Madness)
      SAP presents: OneRepublic (I was way too tired to go to this one! I actually went to sleep early.)

      It was amazing, fun, tiring, and I hate airplanes.  I got sick about 2 days after flying.  And EVERYONE was coughing on the plane, at least it seemed like it.

      Glad I got a chance to see you in person (Sue and Eric),


    • A convert – I believe we have a convert!  Come to Las Vegas next year.  I’d love to meet you in person.  (IF I get to go)

      SAP TechEd 2012 Las Vegas, October 15–19.

      Hope to see you there!


      Any Teched is bound to be extremely, total, amazingly, terrific!  I can’t wait to hear the stories from the other ones.  (I just like to see people.  So LV is my Teched that I hope people go to next year.)