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2011 SAP BusinessObjects User Conference Schedule

Monday, 10/10: 1045-1145 

ASUG Dashboarding and Visualization Influence Council (Session 1202) 

I’ll be co-presenting with the ‘man’ behind Xcelsius at SAP, Scott Leaver.  Scott is the SAP Point of Contact for the DAVIC and is looking for customer input on feature requests for future versions of SAP Dashboard Design.  See, I can use the ‘new’ name.  Even after I made of fun of it during this years’ InnoJam!   Do you have things that you’d like to see in future versions of SAP Dashboard Design?  (I mean, besides ‘iOS functionality’.  I think we’ve got that one on the list.)   Then you should plan on attending this session to tell SAP and the Influence Council.

Monday, 10/10: 1600-1700 

The BusinessObjects Universe: An Update from the SAP BusinessObjects Semantic Layer Influence Council (Session 1205) 

Pierpaolo Vezzosi (SAP) and I will be on hand to give an update on how the SLIC (Universe) is progressing.  And yes, we’ll be asking for your feedback.  Do you use the universe?  Are there enhancements or changes you’d like to see?  Then this is YOUR session!  We’ll be on hand to take down your feedback.  I suspect that there will be other Mentors, experts and others in the room that if you have a question- rather than an enhancement, you might be pleasantly surprised!

Tuesday 10/11: 1045-1145 

ASUG Influence: SAP BusinessObject Enterprise (BI Platform) Influence Council (Session 1207) 

OK, by now I’m sure that you’re seeing a definite pattern.  But this session isn’t going to be your ordinary IC session.  Well, it is- at least in the beginning and at the end.  I’ll take the first 5 minutes or so to give an update on the recent re-chartering and launch of the BOE Council.  After that, I’ll be turning the session over to Charles Gadalla and Ashish Morzaria from SAP, who plan on covering and asking for your feedback on these topics:

  • “SAP, Clouds and Microsoft”: Charles would      like to get your feedback on LiveOffice and its connection the MS Office      suite.  As well, he’s looking for your opinions on how SAP and      Microsoft are working together in BI.
  • “Virtualization and Hybrid Cloud      Deployments”: Ashish is looking for feedback on how customers are      implementing virtualization and thinking about leveraging cloud      implementations for BI.

Now, this isn’t a one-way street.  Even though Charles and Ashish are looking for feedback, they’re going to have material to present to the attendees on the above topics.  Come and learn about SAP and Microsoft, cloud BI and virutalization from them and then give them your opinions.  This looks like a session you may NOT want to miss!

Tuesday 10/11: 1445-1545 

What Kind of Deity Are You? How Can You Best Work with All the Right People to Build the Best Universe Possible (Session 5009)

Surprise…this is NOT an Influence Council session! This session will be a lecture/roundtable/panel discussion on what you can do to make your universe projects go a little bit easier. We’ll talk a bit about different methodologies, all the people who are impacted by a universe project and hopefully you’ll be able to take away some good information to make your next universe project a bit easier.  So, who’s on the panel?  YOU ARE!  You’ve got 2 1/2 days of being talked to and lectured…I’ll give you the chance to tell your universe project ‘horror stories’.  Do you have a great idea of how YOU would make a universe design better?  Then come to my session and BRING IT ON! 

And yes…there will be prizes involved for participation!

Wednesday 10/12: 1030-1130 

ASUG Influence: SAP BusinessObjects Online and In-Product Education Influence Council 

Remember the movie posters from ‘Jaws’? “Just when you thought it was safe to go into the water”  It’s an Influence Council update…but we’re ending on a great note.  Megan Mittler from SAP will be sharing the results from the public survey we announced last week.  Come find out what your colleagues thinks is important to them as they learn a new BI tool.  We’ll also be taking any suggestions from the audience on the new BI4 tutorials, too.  I’ve said it before about this council- ‘Did you ever want a say on what HELP tells you? Then this is the council (and session) for you!’

My good friend and fellow BI Community Facilitator, Tammy Powlas tweeted this just the other day:

Well, at least I was able to answer her question!  She also told me a funny fact that I had to go and look for myself.  We have 195 hours of content on tap for Orlando and with 5 hours on the schedule, it ends up that I’m speaking for 3% of SBOUC.  I don’t know whether to be nervous or happy that I’m in demand! If just one person gets something out of any of the above sessions- then my job here is done!  See you down at the ‘World!  °O°

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