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1st ABAP Championship – Get ready!

That’s right! The brazilian blog ABAP101 is launching its first ABAP Championship. And you can participate of it coding at your home, with your ABAP AS Trial. 

For sure, this is a BIG opportunity to:

  • Learn/Practice ABAP programming
  • Work under pressure
  • Study and use code of other people
  • Learn and see a lot of WebDynpro 4 ABAP, ABAP Objects, ABAP Units and much more
  • Attain global visibility

Without a shadow of a doubt, who is just starting to learn ABAP or those who have more experience, will have many reasons to join the championship! Don’t let this opportunity get away!

Wanna know how to participate?

Stay tunned in my weblog here on SDN, or in In the next few days, we are going to publish more details as rules, deadlines and so on.

Tell your coworkers, friends, students, instructors! Tell everybody! As many people participate, bigger and more challenging will be the championship.

If you have any doubt related with this initiative, please comment.

Also, follow @ABAP101 in twitter and like our page in Facebook.

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  • Hi Fabio,

    this sounds like a great contest! I’ll follow the blog. Btw, do you plan to launch the site also in English (or is this for the Brazilian market only)?


    • Hi Trond!!! Great to see you here at SDN! today is written in portuguese. One of our objectives is to help brazilians to have it’s first contact with ABAP using Open Source projects –  currently hosted at CodeExchange.

      However, all information related with the championship will be published in both sites: ABAP101 in portuguese and here at my SDN blog in English. Our newsletter my also have some other information related with the championship, as I said above answering Michelle.

      I really wish you can join the contest also.

  • Well – I better get downloading ABAP AS Trial.

    No fair you listed a lot of the reason I’d love to do this already.
    1.  Free.  It looks like it’s free.  Free training.
    2.  Learn from others.
    3.  Network!  Meet other people.
    4.  Play with new toys!  Learn a new technique – toy.
    5.  Just to have fun.

    I hope it is English too!  Then I can join.



    • Hi Michelle!! Thanks for also reading the post.

      I know 🙂 I’m very excited about this championship too (unfortunately I can’t participate for a obvious reason).

      1 – Yes, it’s ***FREE***! It will just be necessary to spend some time of this. 🙂
      2 – It will be possible to learn from others before and believe me, also after the championship.
      3 – You are right, all the participants can get contact with each other – I didn’t had think about that.
      4 – The challenge will be big using a very simple example – that’s something which I liked more when preparing the challenge.
      5 – Yes, the community deserves some fun =)

      Regarding the language, that’s important: every word which is written in related with the ABAP championship will be published in my weblog here at SDN.

      We might publish some other bonus information in our Newsletter – Our newsletter is written in portuguese but information related with the championship will be provided in English too.

  • I would love to participate on this -:) ABAP is my favorite language and I’m always doing to some crazy things with it…so count me in…I’m always ready for some serious action -;)