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Tracing in SAP BusinessObjects XI3.1

Root cause and problem determination in SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise can be at times difficult. Over the years, I’ve worked closely with several direct SAP customers and partners with very similar challenge:

How to support and troubleshoot SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise

Since I’ve worked in the SAP support department, Im accustomed to troubleshooting SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise products.  Typically once a support message is raised, the troubleshooting process follows a similar pattern of problem determination:


  • Enable Tracing
  • Reproduce the issue
  • Analyze trace logfiles

Applying this technique or pattern of troubleshooting would first require a few key pieces of knowledge to begin:


  1. A well established base-line set of steps (workflow) that causes the reported problem
  2. Understanding of which BusinessObjects Enterprise components are used in the workflow
  3. Knowledge of how to enable tracing for those components

Recently, I’ve published an article to document the tracing available in XI3.1.  The purpose of this document is to consolidate all of the possible tracing options that are available for use in BusinessObjects Enterprise XI3.x. 

With the help of some colleagues, I’ve put this document together by using information that is already made available in product documentation, Knowledge Base Articles and SDN sources as well as information learned from experience in troubleshooting the XI3.x product.

SDN Article:


By using the steps above and the information contained in this guide, I hope that it helps the reader troubleshoot problems in an SAP BusinessObjects XI3.1 environment.  Also, if this trace information is collected before message creation, it can help reduce the overall processing time of an SAP support message.

Happy troubleshooting!

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  • It’s an interesting article.  What I use to do if a Crystal report schedule fails is checking all the BO logs that are in \Business Objects\BusinessObjects Enterprise 12.0\logging\.