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Education Resources Help SAP Users

The new functionality is based on open web standards and RSS technologies.  The same technology will also be available for web pages and communities.  Based on the learning history of the user, the web service suggests relevant educational resources, such as e-learning courses and classroom training. The algorithm considers not only language and interests but also the context of the SAP application. The video shows how it works.

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  • The problem is that as nice as this interface is, we still have the same old curriculum with all the learning gaps that still need to be picked up via self-learning or third party means.

    I must admit though it looks like it will be easier to find the same 10 courses that have been offered for the last three years.

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  • Here I was getting excited that SAP Education was providing free tutorials within Business Suite Help to improve the skills of users.  No it is just another attempt to generate revenue.

    • Hi Paul, the new service helps SAP users to find relevant help and training resources much easier than today. Not only professional training in our training centers but also free events, e-learning and online courses. We asked many users, and the feedback we got was clear: Many users have problems to find the right help and training resources – related to their role and application. Now we are showing them the best fitting resources directly in their working environment.
  • I have heard a lot recently about the old and new culture at SAP.  Your blog reflects the need for a change. 

    I have just opened SAP BOBJ Dashboard Design 4.0.  The launch pad has a graphic which advertises the “Official Product Tutorials”.  The link takes the users to a site with a lot of free product tutorials

    Now compare this to the offering your blog introduces.

    The more skilled a workforce is, the more SAP they will use and the more SAP they will buy.  This benefits SAP in so mnay ways and is a long term perspective.

    SAP Education needs to change their focus away from revenue generation to skills creation.

    • Could the plethora of tutorials in BO reflect the fact that BO is not an SAP product from the start, but bought recently by SAP? Maybe the philosophy within the BO world related to providing tutorials and readily facilitate skills enhancement was inherently different from the revenue-generating focus of SAP?

      Granted, SDN has become a great tool to remedy this lack of free, good-quality results-focused information, but this is mostly due to the collaborative efforts of the community itself, not so much SAP.

      I still remember (with a faint trickle of horror) the pre-SDN days, when all we were left with were the ubiquitous message “This document does not exist in your language”…

    • Hi Paul, thanks for your comment. SAP is not only offering professional training in our training centers but also free events, e-learning and online courses. All of these valuable help and training resources can be accessed much much easier if users do not have to search for it because the best fitting resources are displayed directly in the context of the application. This is what the new service is about. Therefore, this new service is a very good example of SAP’s new culture.