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System asks for SA Password when printing with Crystal Reports

System asks for SA Password when printing with Crystal Reports

“System asks for SA Password” is a common situation user might come across when working with Crystal Report.

In this blog we will investigate the root cause of the situation “System asks for SA Password” when print/ Preview with Crystal Report.

Hope this could help the user in trouble shooting.

  1. Run all attached queries on query analyzer and not via application.
  2. For further information please refer to the attached notes.
  3. Please contact support center with any DB inconsistencies you may find.

When try to Print/ Preview a document with Crystal layout, the database login screen opens. You type the user and password. The error message “Failed to login to database” pops up. If you try to cancel, the system hangs and may crash after a while.

System asks for SA Password when printing with Crystal Reports
  1. Influence 1: Application Error
  2. Influence 2: Environment Setup
  3. Influence 3: Corrupted Layout Connection
  4. Appendix 1: Install SAP Business One Datasource and SAP Business One Add-ins Menu
[] Influence 1: Application Error

[] Case 1
Case 1:
  1. Open any document. e.g. an AR Invoice.
  2. Go to the Print Layout Designer > Select a Crystal Reports layout. e.g. ‘A/R Invoice (Item) – CR (US)’ > Edit the report in Crystal Designer.
  3. Make any change to the layout. e.g. add a text field like ‘12345’ in any area.
  4. Save the layout.
  5. When Print/ Preview with the layout saved in Step 4, you will come across the issue.
What to do\check?
  1. The issue exists in the following release: from 8.8 PL16 to 8.8 PL19.
  2. The issue only happens on customized crystal layout, but not on SAP provided standard crystal layout.
  3. The issue only happens on crystal layout saved in the affected release.
  4. Import a crystal layout generated from 8.8 PL15 or before could work properly.
Resolution (Note 1563565):
  1. The issue has been fixed on 8.8 PL20.
  2. As workaround you can try to print to virtual printer or export to PDF. Alternatively you can print from the Crystal Reports (File > Print or Add-in > SAP Business One > Preview in SAP Business One).

[] Case 2
Case 2:

The issue happens on all Crystal layouts including system layouts.
The issue happens on all databases including Demo database restored on the same environment.
The issue happens on certain environment.

What to do\check?

The issue exists in the following release: from 8.81 PL06 to 8.81 PL08


Note 1618152 – System Crystal reports require database login that fails.

[] Influence 2: Environment Setup

[] Case 1
Case 1:
  1. The issue happens on some workstations but not on others.
  2. On the affected workstations, the issue happens for all crystal layouts, including system crystal layouts.
What to do\check?
  1. Please install the latest Crystal Report release (Crystal Reports 2008 SP01 for SAP Business One) which could be downloaded via Service Market Place &_EVENT=DISPHIER&HEADER=N&FUNCTIONBAR=N&EVENT=TREE&TMPL=01200314690900002156&V=INST
  2. SAP recommends that you install Crystal Reports Basic 2008 for SAP Business One before installing SAP Business One 8.8. If you are unable to do this, follow the instructions in Appendix 1 to install the SAP Business One data source and SAP Business One Add-ins menu.
  3. If the issue persists, we kindly request the SQL Native Client to be reinstalled on the problematic workstation since the issue might exist when CR Runtime calls SQL.
  4. In this case you should suggest the customer restore the environment.

[] Case 2
Case 2:

The issue might be related to the Integrated Security setting on the customer environment.

What to do\check?
  1. In Database Login window, clear all the data for login (e.g. sa and password – delete them) and then ticked ‘Integrated Security’.
  2. If ‘Integrated Security’ does not work in the customer environment , please change your OLE DB connection as follows: In CR Designer, navigate to Database > Set Datasource Location > expand the Properties for the current connection and edit following properties: Integrated Security: False UserID: sa Password:

[] Influence 3: Corrupted Layout Connection
  1. The issue happens on specific crystal layouts but works fine on other layouts
  2. The issue might occur after upgrading
What to do\check?
  1. Check the current datasource
    1. In Crystal Designer > Database > Set Database Location.
    2. Open the Properties under each datasource to see whether they are correct.
    3. If some of the connections are incorrect, choose the corresponding table in right connection in ‘Replace with’ window and click Update.

    4. Save the layout.
  2. Verify database connection
    1. In Crystal Designer > Database > Database Expert, rename the connection, and click OK.
    2. Click F5 to execute the report in Crystal Designer. You will be requested to input the connection details again.
    3. After inputting the connection details and clicking OK, you should get the following warnings for each selected table.
      1. The selected tables are updated.

      2. Click OK for each database file.
    4. Save the layout.

[] Appendix 1: Install SAP Business One Datasource and SAP Business One Add-ins Menu
Note: The instructions below assume that you have installed the SAP Business One 8.8 client.

  1. Locate the folder shown in the directory path below:
    C:\Program Files\sap\SAP Business One\Crystal\
  2. In the folder indicated in step one, locate the ‘SAP Business One Crystal Report Integration Package.exe’ file and run it on the computer where Crystal Reports Basic 2008 for SAP Business One is installed.

Note: The folder paths shown below may be different on your computer, depending on where you have installed SAP Business One and Crystal Reports 2008. You can use the Microsoft Windows search facility on your computer to locate the folders and files mentioned in the instructions below.

  1. In the C:\Program Files\SAP\SAP Business One\Crystal folder, locate the crdb_b1.dll file.
  2. Copy the crdb_b1.dll file to the C:\Program Files\Business Objects\BusinessObjects Enterprise 12.0\win32_x86j folder, which contains the Crystal Reports 2008 crw32.exe executable file.
  3. In the C:\Program Files\SAP\SAP Business One\Crystal folder, locate the following files:
    cscB1CRAddIn.dll Interop.SAPbobsCOM.dll Interop.SAPbouiCOM.dll
  4. Copy the files to the C:\Program
Please update us with any additional cases /scenario/ information you have encountered !

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      Author's profile photo Dayal Thyagaragan
      Dayal Thyagaragan

      Setp 4 is incomplete , please post the complete instruction.

      Author's profile photo Wouter Maes
      Wouter Maes

      Hi everyone,

      I've seen this issue quite a lot recently and changing the data source connection to OLE DB - SQL Native Client has always done the trick for me...

      Kind regards,