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Must attend EIM – MDM sessions @ TechEd Bangalore 2011

In less than 4 weeks we would be heading into the Bangalore edition of SAP TechEd 2011. Here is the invitation from Vishal Sikka to maybe the largest crowd gathering ever seen by TechEd Now coming back to the topic, here I have listed out some of the must attend sessions going to happen in TechEd Bangalore related to Master Data Management. This list includes sessions related to Enterprise MDM, Embedded MDM, Information Steward and HANA. Also listed are some sessions related to Mobility and Custom Development which may be of help for organizations trying to build custom solutions to address their requirements.

Vishal mentioned at Sapphire ’11 at Orlando and again at TechEd ’11 at Las Vegas that the next prominent area for HANA’s usage will be Master Data Management applications which work on large amounts of data and usually are accompanied with performance intensive operations. So people considering MDM sessions should also attend the HANA sessions. Some of the HANA sessions I found would be complimenting the MDM sessions are also listed below. I have also thrown in some mobility related sessions since either today or tomorrow, organizations have to embrace mobile UI’s and its good to have knowledge about the same.


Core Sessions (Must Attend):-





EIM 106

SAP NetWeaver MDM for Customer Data Integration: Rapid Delivery in Eight Weeks

This session provides an overview of the ready to run, SAP NetWeaver Master Data Management (SAP NetWeaver MDM) rapid-deployment solution for customer data integration which includes SAP software, SAP pre-defined services, pre-configured content, and enablement content at an affordable price with the flexibility for future extension. This SAP Rapid Deployment Solution enables one view of customer information anytime, anywhere, by delivery of consolidated and harmonized customer data from heterogeneous systems into one single version of the truth. It comprises the following key processes:  Customer data consolidation scenario, collaborative customer data correction process, and global duplicate check against central customer hub.

EIM 200

Master Data Management: Overview, Strategy, and Roadmap

If your company is like most, your master data lives in multiple systems and applications. Each set of data evolves independently and conflicts with data in other silos. The result: missing governance, inefficient business processes, and dissatisfied customers. In this session you’ll get to know how the master data management portfolio from SAP tackles this challenge, across data domains and across diversified system landscapes. Learn also how the MDM portfolio from SAP integrates within an overall enterprise information management context, and find out about planned future developments.

EIM 301

Applying Information Governance in End-To-End MDM Scenarios

In the current business environment marked by constant change, organizations urgently need business process agility and deep insight into business process execution across the enterprise. In this session you will learn how to leverage the orchestration capabilities of SAP NetWeaver Master Data Management, SAP Master Data Governance, and SAP NetWeaver Business Process Management to build consistent, integrated end-to-end master data management solutions. In addition, by leveraging SAP BusinessObjects Information Steward you will gain continuous insight into the quality of your master data and address quality issues immediately by triggering a remediation process in SAP Master Data Governance.

EIM 203

SAP BusinessObjects Information Steward 4.0 Product Overview

 This session gives an overview of SAP BusinessObjects Information Steward 4.0, a new product which provides a single environment to discover, define, assess, and monitor enterprise data assets. Collaboration between business data analysts and IT to continuously control and provide insight into the quality of your data is a key success factor to drive efficient business processes and improve confidence in business decisions. Through a live demonstration, you will learn how SAP BusinessObjects Information Steward can help: Assess the quality of your data, measure the quality of your data, determine the impact of data quality, and create the data quality metrics. You can apply these new capabilities to help your organization realize return on investment (ROI) on data quality initiatives by expediting data migration projects, reducing risks of prorogating bad data, and increasing information trustworthiness with SAP BusinessObjects Information Steward.

EIM 116

Developing Business Applications on SAP HANA Data Platform

When developing business application on top of SAP HANA, developers have multiple opportunities to consider: From integrating SAP BusinessObjects Analysis and SAP BusinessObjects Explorer, how to cut queries going into SAP HANA, how to determine the best data model; to how to use current and near future programming options in SAP HANA like SQLscript, business function library, “Lâ€, or “models based on R†for statistical calculations. This session will deliver a overview of programming styles with demo walk-through, including practical tips and tricks from SAP application developers.

EIM 160

Getting Started with SAP NetWeaver Master Data Management

This hands-on exercise will cover the basic steps on how to operate SAP NetWeaver Master Data Management (SAP NetWeaver MDM). Your instructor will show you how to create and change data models, how to import master data records into SAP NetWeaver MDM, and also how to perform certain maintenance operations from the perspective of a power user. This session also deals with more advanced elements such as the usage of the Web Dynpro Configurator which enables an easy generation of Web-based data governance user interfaces.

EIM 260

Getting Started with SAP Master Data Governance

With its domain-specific, out of the box applications, SAP Master Data Governance provides instant support for central maintenance scenarios of supplier, material, or financial master data. Additionally, SAP Master Data Governance’s application foundation can be used for other data domains to support customer-specific data management scenarios. Thus, this application can, and should, become the ERP-based platform within your organization to provide governance around all your master data. In this session you will be introduced to its concepts with focus on the material domain and learn how to configure a basic scenario by extending a data model, the UI configuration, and carrying out a change request process.

EIM 262

SAP NetWeaver Master Data Management and SAP BusinessObjects Information Steward

Learn best practices for how to analyze and monitor the given quality of your master data within the SAP NetWeaver Master Data Management (SAP NetWeaver MDM) application, how to implement necessary data quality improvement activities, and how to increase and maintain the data quality level. In this hands-on session you’ll define and execute validation rules, create a data quality scorecard to visualize the prevailing data quality, and create a cleansing package to correct found issues. Information governance at its best!

EIM 268

Using SAP Master Data Governance for Custom Objects

With its domain specific out-of-the-box applications, SAP Master Data Governance  provides instant support for central maintenance scenarios of supplier, material, or financial master data. Additionally, the application foundation of SAP Master Data Governance can be used for other data domains and to support customer-specific data management scenarios. Thus, SAP Master Data Governance can be the ABAP-based platform within your organization to provide governance around all your master data. In this session you will be introduced to the concepts of this application’s foundation. Following a hands-on exercise you will learn how to configure a basic scenario by defining your own data model, UI configuration and change request process to manage a custom object.

EIM 162

Building Simple Data Models with SAP HANA

SAP HANA is the platform for real-time analytics and applications utilizing in-memory computing technology. In this session we will focus on the creation of operational and analytic data marts with unprecedented performance for real-time analytics. Join this session to learn how easy it is to define simple data models based on typical ERP data in SAP HANA. Using SAP HANA studio, we build master data objects and multi-dimensional models for OLAP reporting. Based on these data providers, we define user authorizations and demonstrate data access through SAP BusinessObjects business intelligence tools.


Related sessions from EIM track:-





EIM 100

Enterprise Information Management Overview

Enterprise information management is the business activity of gathering, cleansing, integrating, managing, and governing all information assets used by an organization. It enables corporate initiatives such as business transaction processing, business intelligence, data warehousing, data quality management, data migration, data integration, master data management, and information lifecycle management. SAP helps companies with their business strategies for enterprise information management by providing software and technology within the SAP BusinessObjects portfolio, the SAP NetWeaver technology platform, and SAP Business Suite software. With SAP solutions, companies can optimize their business performance by empowering their users and business processes with trusted information that is complete, accurate, and always accessible.

EIM 101

SAP BusinessObjects Data Services 4.0 and Beyond

SAP BusinessObjects Data Services delivers a single enterprise-class solution for data integration, data quality, and text analytics that allows you to integrate, transform, improve, and deliver trusted data to critical business processes. The SAP BusinessObjects Data Services 4.0 solution is now available for all customers, but in the meantime we have already started working on new innovations for our next release. Learn more on what SAP BusinessObjects Data Services can do for you today, both in SAP and non-SAP landscapes, and hear about our roadmap and planned innovations for the near future.

EIM 105

SAP HANA Operations

In-memory computing provides you with significant performance benefits when running data-intense operations. However, the technology is quite new and requires operations procedures to be adapted to SAP HANA. In this session we will discuss the different components of SAP HANA, how they work and what needs to be known in order to maintain it. We will take a look at the administration environment and share best practices on defining operations concepts for SAP HANA-backed environments.

EIM 205

Applications Powered by SAP HANA

This session will provide insight into SAP HANA database for applications. A variety of applications running on SAP HANA are discussed and concepts are explained. This session covers not only the SAP HANA standalone case but focuses on SAP HANA in conjunction with SAP Business Suite applications, SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse, and other applications.

EIM 265

SAP HANA Data Provisioning

Explore the available options to provision SAP HANA with SAP Business Suite data so that you may choose the one that works best within your system landscape. Walk through the process of configuring the data provisioning tools. And finally, perform a real live load of SAP Business Suite data into SAP HANA.

EIM 360 

Building Advanced Data Models with SAP HANA

Advanced data models can be created by implementing calculation view with complex logic inside. A set of SQL extensions called SQL Script allows developers to push data-intensive logic into the database in order to avoid massive data copies to the application server and to leverage sophisticated parallel execution strategies of the database. Join this session to learn when to use calculation views and how to express complex dataflow logic using SQL Script.


Interesting related sessions from other tracks:-





MOB 100

Unwiring Your Enterprise with an SAP Mobile Platform

Overview session relating to what SAP mobile means. The attendees leaving this session should have a good understanding of which other mobile-related sessions are relevant to them and what they can learn in these mobile sessions. 

MOB 130

Enabling Business Suite with SAP NetWeaver Gateway, example Sybase Unwired Platform

In this session you will learn how to develop services for the SAP Business Suite, using SAP NetWeaver Gateway, that can be leveraged for mobile consumption using the Sybase Unwired Platform.

CD 102

How to Use SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe

This session explains how to work with Adobe forms (interactive and print) including their integration in Web Dynpro ABAP.

PMC 113

Collaborative Decision Making in the Enterprise with SAP StreamWork

SAP StreamWork is the first and only software as a service (SaaS) collaborative decision-making solution that brings together people, information, and methods to drive fast, meaningful results. In this session you will learn with live examples how to leverage SAP StreamWork in your daily work and how business solutions can be extended with collaborative, analytical, and social intelligence capabilities based on SAP StreamWork.

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      I feel Net weaver BPM/BRM is missing in the list of EIM, i believe it also adds lot value and goes hand in hand with MDM. Not sure if it is outdated now?