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Author's profile photo Tobias Trapp

Landscape Transformation: This is why you have to go to SAP TechEd!

For me Landscape Transformation is one of the most interesting challenges. What is the reason? In an LT project you need a complex skill portfolio:

  • deep knowledge about concerned SAP applications,
  • enterprise architecture and architecture transformation,
  • master data management, consistency and harmonization,
  • skills in impact analysis and
  • testing skills.

Therefore you should know about the related SAP solutions in the area of Application Licecycle Management and Enterprise Information Management – and SAP EechEd is the best place to learn about them.

Madrid – here I come!

There are many intereresting SAP TechEd session about testing , custom code management that are important to me but I chose to visit the following ones.

Most important is the session ALM 227 “A new Platform for SAP related Business and IT Transformation” because it is about SAP LT.

I’m very interested Session ALM200 “What’s new in SAP Solution Manager 7.1“. The solution manager is a cornerstone in an LT project because of its functions for system analysis.

Data consistency is one of biggest challenges in Landscape Transformation project. The session ALM213 “Managing  Data Consistency Using SAP Solution Manager” deals with that topic.

Session ALM 204 “Change Impact Analysis with Business Process Change Analyzer” is another session about SAP Solution Manager that can be useful in a transformation project.

Let’s get social!

For me the most important aspect is getting in contact with other SAP professionals working in LT/SLO projects in an expert networking session. The topics that are most intersting to me are:

  • Best Practices for system analysis. Which tools are most useful?
  • How to test efficiently?
  • How to keep the knowledge ehen donig multiple transformation projects?

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      Author's profile photo Tom Cenens
      Tom Cenens
      Hello Tobias

      Landscape Transformation is definitely an interesting topic.

      I'm planning on going for session ALM213 Managing Data Consistency Using SAP Solution Manager on the first day.

      Besides that I'm looking forward to two hands-on sessions, one on HANA and one on Virtualization and cloud . I'm also going to participate in the testing program in two sessions on HANA (next generation installer and backup / recovery).

      My session choices are mainly focused around technical topics such as Netweaver, HANA, Virtualization and Cloud and Solution Manager.

      Besides those I hope to meet a lot of interesting persons and perhaps interview some of them.

      Kind regards


      Author's profile photo Tobias Trapp
      Tobias Trapp
      Blog Post Author
      Hi Tom,

      I'm looking forward to see you in Madrid at ALM213 course. Do you have already experience with that topic? Which LT version are you using?

      I am very interested to learn about the new SolMan features because I'm not convinced the existing features can't help us here. When you have to deal with inconsistencies in application data you need special tools for harmonization. And the same is true for very complex customizing. What do you think?

      Best Regards,

      Author's profile photo Tom Cenens
      Tom Cenens
      Hello Tobias

      Likewise I hope to meet you in Madrid.

      I don't have experience with Landscape Transformation as a whole or used all the aspects in that way so it's still pretty much a see what value it could bring kind of position for me.

      I have checked out features like impact analysis.

      Impact analysis is in fact very interesting but (there is always a but right) it also requires you to have correct to the point defined business processes in Solution Manager. Because in the end you want to see which Business Process is impacted in one or the other way and be more selective in the tests that have to take place.

      To get even more value out of the above it would also mean you should have your tests automated (ecatt or 3rd party product).

      The whole thing then stands or falls with the maintenance done afterwards. Fail to properly update your business process when it changes slightly and risk missing an impact.

      That's a bit the hurdle that the customer has to take. If you want to use the fancy features like impact analysis you are looking at a serious project and embracing Solution Manager.

      I do believe Solution Manager can bring added value but you should be selective what to implement and embrace.

      Kind regards