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Process Chain Monitoring – Approach and Correction

The process chain monitoring is an important activity in Business Warehouse management mainly during support. So it is necessary to know different errors which occurs during monitoring and take necessary actions to correct process chains in order to support smoothly.

Some points to remember while monitoring:

  1. In case of running local chain, right click and go to process monitor to check if there is any failure in any process step. It may happen that there might be failure in one of the parallel running process in the chain.
  2. Right click and select “Display messages” option to know more about reason of the failure in any step of process chain.
  3. Try to correct step which takes longer time to complete by comparing with other processes which are running in parallel.
  4. Check the lock entries on Targets in SM12 transaction. This will give you an idea fpr all the locks for the target.
  5. Perform RSRV check to analyze the error and correct it in relevant scenarios.

Monitoring – Approach and Correction:




Failure in  the Delete Index or Create Index step

Go to the target and check if any load is running

Trigger the chain ahead if indexes are already deleted in other process chain

Long running Delete Index or Create Index job

Compare the last run time of job. If it taking more time, check system logs in SM21 and server processes in SM51

Inform BASIS team with system log and server processes details

Check  the SM12 transaction entries for any locks on target from some other step

Stop the delete index or create index and repeat it once lock is released

Attribute change run failure

Check the error message

Check the lock on Master Data objects used in Infocube and repeat the step

Roll up failure

Error message “roll up failed due to Master Data table lock in attribute change run

Wait till attribute change run is completed and start the roll up again

Open RSDDBIAMON2 transaction to check any issues in BI Accelerator server.

Failure in Full data load

SQL error


Manually delete the indexes of target and start the load again

This happens generally due insufficient memory space available while reading data from tables.

Coordinate with BASIS team to analyze the database space (DB02) and take necessary action to reduce the database size.

Incorrect data records in PSA table


Check the data in PSA table for any lower case letter or special characters etc

Ask concerned R/3 person to correct the data at R/3 side and load the data again

It is very important to check the PSA table to have complete data in PSA before reconstruction. Otherwise all the data will not be updated in target.

On immediate basis, delete the request from target, correct the data in PSA table and reconstruct the request

Delta data load Failure


Delta load failed without any error message.

Go to infopackage and check for last delta load in target if it is successful or not.

Wait till last delta load is completed or correct it then start the infopackage again.


PSA update failed due to job termination or target lock

Make sure that all data records are available in PSA table and reconstruct the request


Delta load job failed in R/3 system or EDWH system after all data has come to PSA table

Delete the request from targets and reconstruct it.


Delta load job failed at R/3 side without data PSA table

Make the status of the request “Red” in process monitor and repeat the delta load again. Make sure that data is not doubled as repeat delta brings last successful records as well. Check the update mode of all key figures i.e. overwrite or addition mode for this.


Delta load job failed in EDWH system without data PSA table

Remove “data mart” tick from below source and start the delta package again.

Or make the status of the load to “Red” in case all key figures are in overwrite mode.

Long running delta load

Check  the R/3 job in SM37 if it is not released

Ask BASIS team to release the job from R/3 system

Compare the last successful delta load time along with R/3 connection

Ask BASIS team to repair the R/3 connection

DSO Activation

Activation failure due to incorrect value in the ODS field.

Correct the data in PSA or check the update logic for the corresponding source field

Activation job termination

Try to activate the data manually else check the jobs in SM37. If most of the activation jobs are failing, contact BASIS team.


Some process types are not triggered even if above process type is completed. Triggering line doesn’t show any status.

Chain logs takes time to update in chain log table i.e. RSPCPROCESSLOG. Check the system performance with BASIS team as well.


List of useful tables and programs:

Table Name
Check the process type log
Check the main chain for local chain


Program Name
Activate transfer structure
Activate Infocube
Activate transformation
Activate DSO
Activate Info object
Delete the entries from partition table
To trigger the process type ahead


Hope this will be very useful while monitoring the process chain.

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