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Did you ever face a requirement to bring data from a table (standard/custom) into a dashboard? Have you ever wanted to flash an alert for a failed process, in a big screen dashboard?

The possibilities are high and lucrative and I have to figure out a way to patent my ideas before you finish reading this post. 

The scenario:

You have a table say ZSAMPLE which has all the records of the delayed
processes still active in your landscape. Now you want to reflect this detail on a dashboard (Xcelsius), so that the alerts/anomalies are prominently displayed in a giant monitor for the monitoring team to take action.

So, how do you do it?

(Connecting tables to Xcelsius dashboard through XML)

Step 1: Generate a XML URL to retrieve data from SAP tables.

Quite simple really… Just write your selection/processing logic inside a BSP (ABAP) code to generate a XML URL. Plenty of how-to-do docs on BSP are available on Google; nevertheless just let me put the code framework; your code should look something like this:


<variable name = “variable1”>

<% write your ABAP logic
inside tag %>


<%= your output field should
come inside this tag %>





When you activate this BSP, you will get a XML URL (something like this): http://server_name:port_number/sap/bc/bsp/sap/zbsp_test/bsptest.xml

+ +

Step 2: consume XML in your dashboard.

In your dashboard design tool (Xcelsius) use this URL as your source of data. Explicitly specify all the variables that are defined in your BSP; just link your dashboard components to the data cells and you are ready to build your dashboard that talks to SAP tables.


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