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Author's profile photo Tridip Chakraborthy

What’s trending at any #SAP event: Can #hana compute the answer?

We had a great session with Mark Yolton during the Mentor wolfpack sessions at #sapteched, lot of great ideas had flown in from folks expressing to Mark and @chiprodgers, suggestions around taking the user experience in SCN to the next level, in another note there were random questions too. My question to Mark was around making #sapteched more colorful and #Social snazzy

Someone also asked this question to @Nathomson during one of her social networking sessions, even @Sylviasant had her own show to help people understand “why one should be on twitter”


The Idea was to have #HANA analyze the event specific tweets and compute the outputs onto a big screen showing “what’s trending at #sapteched”

Don’t know, if some of you have seen the to check what’s trending on the weather forecast

In one dashboard view, its evident what’s making “THE NEWS” out there


If you consider the Lounge area or some area that has maximum traffic of people, place this Social Monitor right in that spot and show “What’s trending at  “

Don’t call me crazy, but the overall architecture would look something like this.

The whole idea of having this Trend Dashboard during an event helps attendees with

1)      Identifying what’s trending at the event

2)      Top tweets that keep rolling on the side of the monitor give a feeling of thought leadership that’s being transmitted across the web

3)      Demonstrate to the audience what’s making news and where should people focus amidst their scheduled sessions

4)      Taking the “Social Media footprint of SAP” to the next level

5)      Engage new users that might not even know what “twitter and SAP” we are talking about

Imagine if someone was staring at a big monitor like the ones we see at the airport or a theatre, how effective that would look and what thought process would be running in the minds of that target audience, some of which may not even realize what’s going on -> try and on-board and learn whats trending and shift their focus

I think the proposition is not very wild and we can maximize the #hastag implication when tweeting about an event

If this has great audience pull: It can be built in a way that would definitely be re-usable and at the same time, extremely “a attendee engaging widget”

Thoughts from the audience are welcome and if we all opine on this, it’s a great initiative to take forward to Mark and Chip’s table

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      Author's profile photo Ethan Jewett
      Ethan Jewett
      Maybe it's just me, but I don't understand how HANA is at all relevant to this use case. HANA doesn't really do text analysis natively, and it doesn't seem like this application would require very much data at all. It seems like HANA is just here because it seems to be trendy to throw HANA into every solution these days.

      But shouldn't we really be trying to stay away from trends and instead ask what tools we need to use to provide real value.

      Maybe I'm just not getting it. Care to explain?


      Author's profile photo Tridip Chakraborthy
      Tridip Chakraborthy
      Blog Post Author
      Hey Ethan,
      You are perfectly right about this use case not having a direct link with what HANA can do
      But its a thought thats resonating of having these volume driven messaging using HANA as a platform to compute the trends, this can be done with anything as such that could help translate whats trending, but the focus is not on HANA here, the blog focuses mainly on having such trending dashboards at any SAP event to have more social engagement of atendees.
      Sorry to have confused you 😉