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Is your SAP Solution in shape? Get fit with SAP Enterprise Support via Expert Guided Implementations

Blog Archive: Jump Start Your Knowledge on SAP Enterprise Support – Take Your SAP Solution to the Doctor’s Office via SAP Enterprise Support Continuous Quality Checks


Do you have a gym membership that rarely gets used?  It’s not because you don’t WANT to, but it gets put to the backburner for a variety of reasons.  In today’s fast paced lifestyle it’s hard to find time and energy to workout, right?   Executive presentation in the morning, quarter close is around the corner, trying to hit your numbers, playing with the kids, doing household chores, walking the dog, and the list goes on.  When you do get to the gym, wouldn’t you want to make the most of your workout?    You don’t want to wander around, wondering what machine does what and how to use it.   Some of us might even need a little push to work a little bit harder while there.  That’s when it’s useful to employ a personal trainer.  They can provide you with the knowledge, instruction, and motivation in order to maximize your workout. 


Now, focus on your organization’s SAP Solution.  What if you could take it to the personal trainer?  What if you could simultaneously provide knowledge and empowerment to your IT department?   Would that add value to your organization? 


That is a key part of the value proposition provided by SAP Enterprise Support.   In order to maximize your SAP Enterprise Support engagement it is important to utilize the Enterprise Support Academy and build a strong foundation to support your IT operations.  The Enterprise Support Academy provides a flexible learning program with two very important features:  Guided Self Services and Expert Guided Implementations in cooperation with SAP Solution Manager.   


With SAP Enterprise Support, customers have access to Guided Self Services to analyze and optimize their systems.  These are proven procedures based on thousands of service deliveries on thousands of SAP customer systems. 


How does this work?  SAP Enterprise Support customers have the ability to schedule Expert Guided Implementations (EGI’s).  These are remote training classes that provide direct access to an SAP expert to provide knowledge and support through the execution of the service.  The typical delivery method is a morning knowledge transfer session with the SAP expert on the topic area of choice.  The session includes training materials, instruction, and a demo in the SAP training system.  In the afternoon, the customer is empowered to execute the instructions from the morning session on their own SAP system with access to the SAP expert if they run into any snags along the way.  The final output is the customer now has the knowledge and skills to execute the self services at any time, at any pace, in your own system landscape. 

Guided Self Services now available include:

  • Software Quality and Clones
  • Enterprise Support Engagement Methodology
  • Security Optimization Service 
  • Business Process Analytics & Improvement(BPI)
  • Transport Execution Analysis Service(TEA)
  • SQL Statement Tuning
  • Data Volume Management Service(DVM)


The Expert Guided Implementations DO NOT END at Guided Self Services.  Perhaps your organization wants to take advantage of SAP Solution Manager, but doesn’t currently have the skill set.  There are numerous opportunities for your team to leverage these EGI’s and beef up the use and knowledge of Application Lifecycle Management through SAP Solution Manager

 Bare with me, the list is long:

  • Application Lifecycle Management Roadmap Design
  • Configuration Validation
  • Service Level Reporting and IT Performance Reporting
  • Technical Preparation
  • Basic Configuration
  • Enhanced Transport Management(CTS+)
  • Service Desk
  • Business Process Monitoring
  • Change Request Management(ChaRM)
  • Solution Documentation
  • Data Volume Management Cockpit
  • Quality Gate Management
  • Job Scheduling Management
  • Custom Development Management Cockpit(CDMC)
  • Test Management
  • Project Implementation using SAP Solution Manager
  • End-User Experience Monitoring
  • Business Objects(BOBJ) Remote Supportability Component
  • Business Objects(BOBJ) Early Watch Alert Basic Configuration


In the end, the important take away is that you maximize your SAP Enterprise Support engagement.  Utilize the access to SAP experts(like a personal trainer) to provide knowledge and empower your organization with the skill set to execute these self services or provide innovation for your organization through SAP Solution Manager.  


If you want your SAP Solution to run that extra mile, swim more laps, or lift more weight; then make the most of the available Expert Guided Implementations and Guided Self Services and empower your organization to do more. 


For more information please visit:

Also, for more information on the flexible learning program provided by the SAP Enterprise Support Academy please visit the quicklink:

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      Former Member
      Great info, Corey!  Thanks for posting this.
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      Former Member
      As agreed with Corey I’ll update the blog with newest information about Guided Self Services and related Expert Guided Implementation sessions.
      The current available Guided Self Services (GSS) page are listed in the new SAP Service Marketplace page within the Enterprise Support Academy (see link in the blog). These are:
      - Security Optimization Service (SOS)
      - Business Process Improvement (BPI)
      - Transport Execution Analysis Service (TEA)
      - SQL Statement Tuning (SQL)
      - Data Volume Management Service (DVM)
      ‘Software Quality and Clones’ and ‘Enterprise Support Engagement Methodology’ are no Guided Self Services and will be shifted soon in another EGI calender area.
      Best regards,