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Why do a #SCNotty?

First, a little history… The ‘SCNotty’ awards were really an off-shoot of Craig Cmehil’s challenge to SCNers to make videos of themselves, introducing themselves to the community.  Craig called this You and your 30 seconds!and IMHO was a great idea for socializing on SAP Community Network.  Too often, we are just usernames or handles and it’s great to find out what someone likes to do, or what they think is important, or even what they think is funny.

Then, Jim Spath ‘awardified’ this effort by spearheading a (very) tongue-in-cheek competition, which he talks about here. So way back at the 2009 SAPTechEd, there was a modest award ceremony, in which several community members were honored for their ’30 second’ videos, and others (yours truly) were gently chided.

Flash forward to today.  You’ve already read, or seen, or even just ignored the recent buzz about the SCNotty Awards at #SAPTechEDLV.  You may have seen yoga poses, or passionate community members who volunteer, or puppies (which are always a hit).  And still you are thinking, why should I?  I am not a looney like those people!

Well here’s why.  It’s a great way to have a little fun, introduce yourself to your friends (or friends-to-be) and show off your awesome video editing skills.  Or, give folks at the next TechEd (SAPTechEd Bangalore will be having a SCNotty Awards ceremony) the opportunity to see you, identify with you, and maybe they will see you out.  Or maybe they’ll point at you and laugh. Maybe, you and someone else in our vast community will discover a shared passion – be it Elvis, Bollywood, or horseback riding – and that will cement a connection for you!

If I were going to SAPTechEd Bangalore, I would be dusting off my FlipCam.  Entries are due by Sept. 30. You can view more info here. And if I were going to SAPTechEd Madrid, I would be posting my entry here. Alas, I have used my travel budget for the year, but still, maybe I will just submit more entries anyhow.  I don’t think you need to be present to win – or even just viewed.  And I don’t think you can ever have enough friends.

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  • I guess I’ll be the Susan Lucci/Erica Kane of the SCNotties – never honored to win, but fun to be in the game.

    I wouldn’t have done it if not for gentle encouragement from Jim Spath and Gretchen Lindquist.

    It is fun, plus I met others last week – I recognized them from their SCNotty videos – Eric Ledu and Palm Norch of the SCN team.

    So it is a good time.

    Now Sue, why is it that one of your Elvis’s looked more like George Jones (the country singer) than Elvis??

  • Honestly – I just didn’t think about it.  Or I thought about it, and then forgot, or I was doing something else, or…

    There aren’t enough excuses.  SCNotty – it’s fun and easy to do.  Last year I won, and I took my video on my camera.  I don’t have a flip camera, just a regular take pictures camera.

    So these witty, these fun, these wonderfully SCNotty.   Do you really have to do one of these???!!!  Really unless I think about it all year, maybe I’ll come up with something.  Anyway back to those SCNottys.  Just introduce yourself.  That’s easy enough.  Talk about you.  You may want to talk about your professional life.  You may want to share your personal information – like me my horses, dogs,… Etc.  Or you may only need 2 seconds to say your name.  That way we can put a face with a name.  Names those I tend to forget.  That’s not so good of me.  Faces – I remember faces.

    So please submit a SCNotty.  And don’t think it needs to be this big production.  It doesn’t.  And shame on me for not submitting one this year.

    Hope to see you on-line!  I’ll be watching those SCNottys.  Really you shouldn’t think you HAVE to be creative.  I’d just love to see your face and hear your voice.


    • Aw. Michelle, I know how great your video was last year (and so nice to see another passionate animal lover in our midst).  I also know how crazy busy you were in the lead up to SAPTechEd LV.
      Why don’t you and I lead the fray, but submitting videos for the TechEds yet to come?
  • Hi Susan,

    Few days back whnever I saw or heard about you in SCN, I could only visualize workflows.
    But lately I am  seeing many blogs wherein you are altogether different. Excuse me if I am seeing different blogs late.
    This is a sweet blog. Belive me I am still thinking what to do I do for SCNotty,bangalore.
    6 to 7 thoughts have already passed by my mind/dream.

    • Hi Kumud,
      By all means, you should just loosen up, make a little video, and enjoy yourself.  It’s a great way to let others know a little bit about yourself.
      And you may just have some fun doing it!
      Looking forward to see your SCNotty!
    • Kumud:  Here is one of the ideas I was given in planning for the recognition videos in Bangalore:

      Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara (Hindi: ज़िन्दगी ना मिलेगी दोबारा, English: You won’t get to live life twice)

      “Shoot a video introducing yourself and then talk about one thing nobody knows about you.”  I guess I should take my own advice and do the same thing.  Hmm.

      • Hello Jim,

        Thanks for the response. I visited the wiki page for 30 seconds recognition but was not able to edit the page and add my entry in the official entry form.Am I doing something wrong? Care to tell me how do I upload?

        However I have created a child page with my video in it.


    • Kumud,

      You have so many great ideas – so many good comments.  I can bet that your SCNotty will be good.  No pressure. Did you hear about my spectacular failure – I can’t remember if you were one of the nice people that commented.

      Anyway the worse you can do is fail.   Mmmmm… I’m not sure how one would fail at a SCNotty, they were meant to be open to anything.  In fact I’m 100% sure no one can fail at a SCNotty.

      AND – there are so many people here that would support you anyway!  I LOVE this community.   You can tell you already have support by the comments here.

      Sue has challenged me to create one.  Once I’m sure my voice is back – I’ve been sick after Teched – I’m blaming it on airplanes.  Once I’m sure I can talk without coughing, I’m making one.

      Just do it!  What a great slogan and great life idea!

      It will be fun to see your face!


      • Michelle: “I’m 100% sure no one can fail at a SCNotty [video]” – well, there’s doing one and not sharing it, or sharing it too late, or not doing one at all.  What did Master Yoda say – “there is no try, only do”?


    • Kumud,
      I just watched your Video, and it is amazing! I feel as though I know you much better, and now I wish we could meet in Real Life.  I will just have to let Jim Spath bring my greetings to you in person.
      Well done!
    • Be prepared? For what?  Not the video, maybe the fall out afterword.  You’ll be one of the FEW people to do one.  Look at how many people are SCN members.  Then look at how many videos there are! I want to see all the new SCNottys.

  • I highly suggest community members submit a SCNotty video! Even if you aren’t going to SAP TechEd, it’s a great way to introduce yourself to the community and for you to get to know others. Sure you will feel a bit silly, and don’t worry it you can’t think of the perfect storyline, it is all in good fun.  Thanks Sue for writing this.
  • Spain brings to mind Paella, Castelló, flamenco dancing & music etc…

    This could turn out laughably bad.  At least that would be better than boringly earnest (which, believe it or not, I can manage for about 30 seconds).