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Why are you smiling at the monitor?

Hello All,

I have realized lately that there are many instances wherein people cross by my desk and ask why are you smiling, looking at your monitor?

There was even an instance wherein my ex-manager stopped at my place and said “Hitherto, I have never seen anyone so happy while working on SAP screen”.What are you doing?

Now at that particular instance, I was trying to add employee photo in PA30 with the help of materials provided on SDN.There must have been some funny comments and me playing with the screen which made me smile.

Once into SDN, one can never get rid of it. Though I am working on SAP since Dec.2007 I have started using SDN more frequently in (since) beginning of 2011.

I must tell that once I started using it and reading materials from the same, there has been never a day when I don’t log into it. I crave for it.When I am tied up with lots of work, I just take a glimpse of the blogs topics and bookmark in my mind to read them later, the next day. There are few blogs wherein videos are not visible in the restricted browser of the organisation, I watch them on my personal laptop.

Sometimes I feel I have become addicted to it.The most amazing part is, in a short span I know many amazing and astounding personalities present in SAP. There are few chirpy blogs/comments as well,which we even discuss in get-togethers. These comments/blogs brings smile with a sparkle in eyes.

 I hope there would be similar people in the comunity who smiles while working.

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  • I really like your first blog and hope you will carry on writing such nice and positive blogs in the future.

    I do recognize what you were writing very much. I can get emotional “at the monitor” sometimes as well. This often turns into a smile, but I’m afraid that people have also caught me showing my monitor the middle-finger 😉

    Anyway, keep on the great work!

    • Hi Jan,

      Such a sweet comment. Thank You so much.
      Guess what- this sweet comment of yours made me smile just after a fire fighting meeting that we were having.Hope none saw me as I was not smiling rather pretty serious inside.


  • Hello Kumud

    I am on the same boat as you are. Though I have been in the field of SAP for quite a sometime I have started using SDN only in 2011. Now I am so addicted to it that I either cannot wait to contribute something or just go through the various blogs, wikis, articles etc.

    True!! quite a world out there.


    • Hi Kiran,

      Thanks for the comments.
      Hope you have seen the advertisement: “HAVE I MADE IT LARGE”.
      All SAP consultants can take a step from here.


  • I am addicted.  I am sick today.  Coughing and more – it would be too much information for me to say.

    But I am logged on and writing books on SCN.  Why?  It’s simple.  I’m addicted.

    Excellent blog!  Keep going.


  • I look at SCN and want to be a unicorn under a rainbow. At my side, I imagine a basket of the cuuuutest kittens, with pointy ears and long whiskers. From time to time I’d reach into the basket and just cuddle one of these little balls of fur.
    But there are other days, when I regard SCN as a lunatic asylum for the weak minded.
    • Different perspectives of SCN, but then negative perspectives should be avoided(in case they are not doing any good to you or you are not doing any good to them).


      • Nice response!  I think you responded to a troll.  As I cannot get to his user business card.<br/><br/>But the troll was interesting in what he wrote.  I think we are all lunatics by definition if we love SAP.  Think about all the change, technical and not technical.  All the tables, how complex…   <br/><br/><br/>Now think about his / her words, if they don’t get deleted:<br/><br/>Unicorns?  I love unicorns!    Unicorns are fictional.  That’s what happens with some of the forward thinking ideas SAP has.  That’s OK.  It means they are willing to look at all possibilities.<br/><br/>Kittens – they are cute and adorable.  SAP?  Ok I can’t think of cute and adorable for SAP.  But what I can think of is the kitten.  The kitten is a small think with a lot of possibilities.  At SCN we usually start with a small idea.  It gets shared.  Via a blog, WIKI, Forum, Article…  Just a small idea.  People comment.  The kitten grows.  People think about the possibility, the kitten grows.  We connect agree / disagree or even collaborate on a project the kitten is now a cat or maybe a lion!<br/><br/>Rainbows?  Lovely, I hope you take the time some days to look at one.<br/><br/>Genius and insanity walk hand in hand!  Sometimes I think neither applies to me.  That means I’m neither crazy nor smarter than everyone around me.  That’s good too!  I am smart, but not genius smart.  I am not insane – well at least not all  of the time.

      • Hi Kumud Singh

        My name is Enock  and am in Nairobi-Kenya. I am completely new with SAP and SAP. My company uses SAP for most of its operations. I am interested in knowing this ABAP/SAP to its depth. I will like you to guide plz on how i can achieve this if u dont mind. I will be happy to get your email or Instant messaging in Google talk so as we communicate easily.

        Thank you

        • Hi Enock!

          I get to answer for Kumud – why?  Because I saw it first.   Just click on her – or anyone’s name.   Feel free to look me up as well.

          See you in the SCN space.   Read a lot here – it will help!


          • 🙂    That makes sense.    If you click on Kumud’s name, you will get contact information.  If you click on mine – again contact intormation.  I don’t think there is really a step by step.   SAP courses give basics.    Then more detail comes in the form of actually doing the work.   I tend to keep things simple.  That seems the best way to go.  Books help a lot!

            New to SAP programming?   Start with ABAP Ojbects.   

            I love my job!  I love programming!    I love Kumud.   She challenges me to do better.  You couldn’t have a better mentor.    However, since we all have jobs too – it doesn’t hurt to ask more than one person.   The forums are great for that.


          • Thank you Michelle,

            Yah am quite new to programming other the ones i did in Campus but now it is work. Making necessary for me to learn it. I will search for ABAP object notes and go through them intensively. Do you have any specific you could perhaps mail to me?

            Thanks a lot.