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In the future Businesses will make decisions with BPM & HANA – Part 1

Decisions matters :


As a person we are result of our choices, some made intentionally, some with knowledge and some without and some with leap of faith.

Businesses are making millions of decisions every second around the world, customer and employees that participate in this business ecosystems are impacted by each of these decisions whether they like it or not. If a business has to succeed and last for many years to come it has make the right choices, it has ensure that its products and services are of good quality, that it values its loyal customer and that it recognizes employees and customers dissatification and rectifies them before it’s too late.

Having something to improve upon :

For all this you need standards in processes otherwise you would not be able to improve upon them. As Taiichi Ohno of Toyota Production System said that you need to have a process to start with even if it’s not good and get feedback from everyone as to how you can improve upon it. So we start with a simple not so good process and seek feedback to improve it.

History repeats itself till we learn :

We have to look back and see what has been going wrong to make it right in the future. Each of these decisions will start making the right impact and benefit the business in a more holistic way.

The eyes of Chameleon :

Chameleons have this ability where one eye can see backwards and other can see forward. It is said that it can see its past with one eye and future with another. We need HANA as our one eye in the past to quickly see what has been going on and another as BPM to route to the right decision on the knowledge of other HANA eye. These two technologies are so much meant to be for each other that it can bring transformation in a business at each micro level to make an impact at macro level.

SAP Teched 2011 :

Once again Teched is upon us and there are some Business Process Management (BPM) at SAP TechEd 2011 thats gonna be presented at them. SAP has made considerable investment in its product and when you look at them in isolation it would not make that much sense but when you combine them they suddenly starts to make sense.

Stay tuned for more in upcoming blogs about how BPM with HANA would transform Businesses.

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      Hi Priya
      Thanks for your time. But i am sorry to say i dont understand the content which is not aligned with subject of your blog. Whatever is there in content is known to everyone, i cant see anything specific which connects BPM and HANA and give some Thoughts/conclusion on same.
      It might be my mstake not to be understood, appreciate if you can direct me.


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      Former Member
      It's an interesting blog.  Right now Hana is focused - I think - Bydemand and BI / BOBJ.

      Is it that you just want BPM to be faster for the decisions upper management makes?

      I would say BPM has a long way to go before the business starts using it to "make" decisions. It lays out the business process.  So you look at the process for where it is broken.  Where do you need the higher speed / cost of Hana.


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member's good to think about two mentioned capabilities - maybe the only introduction as this is Part 1 *-)

      One of innovation of #HANA is reduction of layers, interesting comparing with #BPM and composition - I wonder adoption in this NetWeaver area.

      Has it common with BAM...? *-)