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How to save ABAP test data for SAP CRM WebChannel Function Module

It can be very frustrating when debugging the SAP CRM Web Channel application when the sysem times out during your debugging session. Lately I have found some of the new features in the “New Debugger” very helpful.

The ability to save the test data for a function module to SE37 is the most useful of these. Not alone does it allow you to capture the data but by doing this it means that you do not have to reproduce the issue over and over from the application side. Simply save the test data and you can debug the issue.


The simple steps to capture the data are as follows.

  • Set a break point in the Function module.
  • Reproduce the issue in the SAP CRM Web Channel application B2B or B2C.
  • Once the break point has been hit. Select the “service tool” icon

Service tool image



  • Select “Save Parameters as Test Data (SE37)

Save Paramater as test data


  • Save the test data as “SAP Support Message XXXXXX

Save as













Once this has been save the information will be stored in the Test Data section in SE37 for your function module. This will allow you to bug the issue without risk of time outs from the web application side.

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