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Why Blag is an SAP Mentor Alumni?

It’s not easy for me…after 4 long years, to say goodbye to the SAP Mentors…an awesome group filled with awesome people that keep inspiring the whole SAP community…

So…why I’m doing thing anyway? Why I’m leaving the SAP Mentors? What’s wrong with them? Of course…nothing is wrong with them…it’s just that the flow of information is too much for my little weak mind…so many webinars, meetings, conferences and everything just finished to make a short circuit in my brain…so I need a break…I need to be off for a while and regain my energies…

Also, with HANA and all the related technologies, I was feeling a little bit lonely as I don’t have anything to say on the meetings, because I’m not using those technologies and I don’t have time to learn them…talk about Regular Expressions or Scripting Languages, and that’s another story for me -;)

So…Here’s a small interview I did to myself (It’s very crappy I know) explaining all this…and also, with a little message at the end…I would love to be welcome back at the SAP Mentors in 2013 (Or next TechEd…whatever comes first)…a sabbatical year is all that I need to feel back in the track…also…being an SAP Mentor you have access to many parties that I’m not willing to miss -:P


Untitled from Blag on Vimeo.


Also…just to say thanks to the man behind the Mentors, Mr. Mark Finnern…here’s a small Blagbert cartoon Taylor-made just for the occasion.



So…only time would decide if I’m going back to the SAP Mentors or I stay as an SAP Mentor Alumni -:)

Hope to see you all in TechEd 2012! -:D

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  • A mentor is not something you become, is something you are, by nature. Inspiring others to do their best is something you’ll never stop doing. It’s just who you are.

    See you there next time, my friend!


    • Henrique:

      Yes, I realized that this TechEd…being a Mentor is not something you can take off as a hat…it’s part of your soul…so for me, I’m just cleaning my chakras -:)


  • @Blag, you’ll be a mentor for life and thanks for all your amazing contributions. It was great seeing you in Las Vegas and I’m sure we’ll be just as connected with you as an Alumni Mentor.


  • i’m sure HANA will need Regular Expressions and scripting, so you may be back with some great ideas to make a better product for SAP. a sabbatical is not necessarily a retirement, and even then people come out of that, too. we all have our doubts from time to time, so a break makes perfect sense. you may actually be more active in a retired mode than in the official engagement.

    whichever you decide, good luck!

    • Greg! Exactly my point -:) Even a little break can make a lot…for me it’s been 3 days since I’m officially and SAP Mentor Alumni and I have already posted 2 blogs -;)
      I guess I feel a moral obligation of attend every webinar, session and meeting…so I needed a time for myself…will come back if I’m allowed -;)


    • Thanks Rafael. You’re right…we’re like the Mafia…once you’re in…you can’t get out…but instead of cow’s head we got Finnern dressed like Elvis singing the SAP’s song -:P


  • Very nice interview and I will miss you.

    I don’t know everything myself and I always like to hear “what’s new”. 

    Hasta luego, Blag/Alvaro.


    • Tammy! Don’t need to miss me…I’m not going anywhere -;) Just might skip more webinars…and like we say in Spanish…”Es solo un hasta luego, mas no un adios”…which I guess can be translate as “It’s just a see you later, not a good bye” -;)


  • Blag, lots to admire here.

    I always admire those who know when it’s time to step down and move on to something else, it’s something we can only judge inside ourselves.

    To me you have always embodied the best of the SAP Mentors and I know that will be the case going forward in whatever you do. It was great to see you in Vegas and I look forward to a continued friendship.

    – Jon

    • Jon!

      Getting away from the Mentors was a really tough decision…that get even harder while at TechEd…my initial thought was to leave forever, not it’s only to take a year off and get my batteries fully charged.

      I believe that the only thing that it’s going to change is that I’m going to be able to attend webinar, meetings and interesting news…but that’s the price I have to pay…I guess that coming back to the Mentors would be like if I’m joining for the first time, so for me it would have a very special meaning -:)

      Also…you have always and you will be always be my friend! Even if I step out from SAP completely (which is of course not going to happen), we will continue being friends…the energy that pops out from the Mentors is something unique…if for me SCN is like family, Mentors are like my soul…even when that sounds a little bit weird -:P


  • Blag, you are the ultimate Mentor Rockstar. (I hope you are older than 27 Rockstars seem to have an issue with this age)

    Great decision to take time out when and I totally respect your reasons.

    I am sure you will always be welcome back into the fold.


    • Nigel!

      Well…I’m 33 and proud about it -;) Still young anyway -:P

      I believe I have grown up in the last years, and this was a mature decision that really took some hard time out of me…it’s not easy to take a break, but I believe it’s the best thing I could do at this time…getting back fully charged it’s the best I can do for the group that really gave me everything without expecting anything in return.

      I also hope, that the big powers hear you and allow to go back, as one year without the Mentors would be more than enough for me… -:)


  • We rarely spend enough time talking about it.  I wish you would stay a Mentor with some time off, instead of leaving.  It sounds so perminate.

    We shoke hands at this teched.  I was introduced to you.  I actually met you years ago, and it still stays / stayed with me.

    I was giving a community day presentation.  My co-worker Claudia was saying maybe I would become a mentor.  (Personally I thought she was crazy.)  You were supportive and kind to this person – me – that you had just met.  You talked about the mentor program.  Of course, you were enterupted a lot.   Super star status?  Yes I think you have it.

    Recharge, yes, I can relate.  Things just never seem to slow down.  I volunteer more than I say “no”.   Then I think “why did I do this to myself”.  No one else did it, I did.

    So enjoy your break, and I hope you come back.  You unknowingly helped me become a Mentor.

    I’ll be glad to see you at the next event – mentor or mentor alumni.  It doesn’t matter it is all about the person behind the “Mentor” status, title or whatever the heck it is.

    See you,


    • Michelle:

      I know…the only bad thing about TechEd is that we are so busy, that we rarely have time to stop and have a little chat…It was great to meet you in real life anyway…hopefully next year we will be able to get together for a drink -:)

      Did I inspire you to be a SAP Mentor? Woaw…I never expect someone to tell me something like this…so many people constantly inspire me, so it feels weird to be on the inspirational side…thanks a lot for that…really means a lot -:)

      I will surely comeback to the Wolfpack (If I’m allowed of course) and Mentor or not I will attend TechEd and will be as closer as I can…it would be impossible for me to be that away from the Mentors…and that’s a fact -;)


  • Dear Blag,
    I guess you are the only one on SDN i’ve had the privilege to call a brother ! I know the decision to let go would have undergone quite a bit of thinking on your part and I can only revere you more for this bold decision.

    But, having said that, I’m not sad at all. I know Blag cannot exist without his daily dose of SAP, SCN and yes of course his compadres, his friends in the community. So while it breaks my heart to see you go I know I’ll definitely be seeing you around. Mentor or not, there’s not going to be a difference 🙂

    All the best bro !

    • Abesh!

      You better than no one else knows that we are “Brothers from different countries” -;) So no questions about it -:)

      Of course I cannot survive…I’m a SAP, SCN and Mentor junkie…maybe more that I’m willing to accept…so taking a little time off would do me a lot good -:)

      I will be for sure around, even more active in the blogs and forums, and then after one year and if everything goes as expected, I will come back to the Wolfpack with more knowledge and willing to learn, collaborate and share than ever -:)


  • Hi Blag,
    I am really sorry about your decision, nevertheless I understand it very well. The lack of time, the lack of technology access (HANA, Memory Database, Mobility). I feel the same.

    I wish you all the best as a retired Mentor and hope to see you and meet you in person at Teched or wherever.

    Best regards

    • Renald:

      Yes, actually for a developer like me…one thing is to hear and read about this technologies and other thing is to actually get my hands dirty with them…I know we have some accesses, but I’m really looking for a more in-depth access, like sandboxes or something that would allow us to do more…

      I’m a retired SAP Mentor…that’s true, but as you might notice, it’s more of long break for me, as I’m planning to go back after one year, where I would get more knowlegde and more energy to keep doing what I believe I do best…share my knowledge and my happiness of being part of the SCN family -:)

      Hope to meet you soon! Either on TechEd, Sapphire or Inside Track event -;)


  • Hi Blag,
    you received so many nice comments here. Here comes mine. We all know that you`re a nice guy and we are thankful for what you have done for us personally or for SCN.
    Blah blah…
    I would like to share something else. Your “reason” reminds me of a blog post I once read on SDN, it was called like “Reinvent the grey hairde ABAPer”. With todays pace of technology improvement one stand no chance to stay on top of all that. But I don`t care. And hope you don`t care that much either. I don`t want to see you sad.
    We know what you`re good at. Would you prefer to be called a rising HANA Chuck Norris? Or to be known for your regular expression dark magic and ABAP and all the other things you`re known for in this reality? I prefer to keep the good old Blag, if you don`t mind.
    I am glad I don`t have to write “Reinvent the old Blag” blog:))
    Will be in touch,
    cheers Otto
    • Otto:

      I really appreciate your comment, as you’re pointing out something that maybe I didn’t explained to well…it’s not that I’m feeling left out of new technologies like HANA or In-Memory…it’s just that we have some much information and things happening so fast, that sometimes we need to time to sit and start learning step by step…I don’t want to become a HANA Chuck Norris…but I don’t want to be a HANA Mr. Bean either -;)

      I’m always going to be the same old Blag…that’s for sure…my main interest are going to always stick to Regular Expressions and Scripting Languages, but it’s always good to know at least 1% of the new technologies -;)


  • This doesn’t mean that SAP needs to find a new #sapmalemodel now, do they?
    Seriously, I am not saying good bye or good luck or any of tyhat, because I know we will be seeing each other soon, and the bonds we’ve made will always be there.
    • Sue!

      Another #sapmalemodel? Come on! I really worked hard to earn that title…and I’m not giving it away that easily -;)

      I really appreciate your ” I am not saying good bye or good luck or any of tyhat, because I know we will be seeing each other soon, and the bonds we’ve made will always be there.” because it’s so true…I’m not going anywhere…I’m still going to be on SCN doing the best I can, I still will attend any SAP event I can…I’m still going to be on-line as always…and for sure, our bonds will be never get broken…

      See you soon, Sue -:)


  • @blag, you need to check out the Gateway presentations. Right on top of that lovely OData stack is scripting languages. You will be back, and I look forward to it, I am sure of it.


    • John! Did I heard Scripting Languages? On Gateway? Awesome…will surely check that…already sign up for HANA Experience…so I’m already on my way for SAP Nirvana -:) I’m will surely come back -;)


  • “Please accept my resignation. I don’t want to belong to any club that will accept people like me as a member” – attributed to Grocho Marx
    but he also supposedly had famous last words on his “death bed”.  They were: “Die, my dear? Why that’s the last thing I’ll do!”

    2 more silly quotes from Grocho in his movies, the relevance to your post I hardly can say: “I’ve got a good mind to go out and join a club and beat you over the head with it.”-Groucho Marx in Duck Soup (movie)

    and finally a last quote that has a 3-letter word in it that is apropos nothing (so why does this one also come to mind?) “Why don’t you bore a hole in yourself and let the sap run out?”Groucho in Horse Feathers (movie)

    Hmmm, inspired to silliness and… to sadness by your announcement.  I hope we will still get our continued installments of Blagbert comics. And Blag’s contributions to scripting language knowledge and coding.  And Blag’s and Alvaro’s very special flavor here.  Please.

    • Marilyn:

      Don’t worry…there’s always going to be Alvaro, Blag and Blagbert inside and outside SCN…what started as me going off the SAP Mentor had slowly become as “I’m taking long vacations, so please welcome me back next year” -:)

      I guess the adage “You never know what you have until you loose it” really applies here…it’s been only 4 days since I step out from the SAP Mentors and I already feel like a part of my life was taken away…anyway…this is the decision I took and I need to stick…at least until I come back after my sabbatical year -;)

      And please remember Marilyn…when I come back to the SAP Mentors…I’m going to be more active, smart and handsome (Ok…maybe not more handsome, but you get the idea, right) -;)


  • Se va de la comunidad sr. Alvaro?
    Qué lástima pero espero que le vaya bien.  Recuerdo que usted fue el primero en revisar mi primer Blog. 

    Usted me dijo: Disculpa pero tuve que mandarlo a “Needs work” Sorry, nada personal -:) Pero unos cuantos espacios entre las imagenes y el texto van a hacer que se vea mucho mas ordenado -;)

    Cuando este listo, le pones “Final” nuevamente y listo…tu blog sera publicado -:)

    “Needs work” Sorry, nada personal -:) Pero unos cuantos espacios entre las imagenes y el texto van a hacer que se vea mucho mas ordenado -;)

    Gracias a ese consejo pude hacer un buen primer blog y muchos otros más que quedaron bien ordenados.

    • Erika:

      No…no me voy de la comunidad? Para mi eso seria como dejar de respirar…simplemente, me alejo de los SAP Mentors, por un anho para poder enfocarme un poco mas en mi mismo y en auto aprendizaje de las nuevas tecnologias…hay Blag para rato -:)

      English version follows:


      No…I’m not leaving the community, for me it would like stop breathing, I’m walking away from the SAP Mentors, for one year, to be able to focus on myself and my self-learning of the new technologies…there’s Blag for a long time -:)


  • Puedo pensar que necesitas un tiempo fuera para tus propios asuntos mi estimado, pero nunca vas a dejar de ser un SAP mentor puesto que lo has sido desde antes que existiera el titulo de “SAP Mentor” y siempre lo serás.

    Has sido un ejemplo para muchos de nosotros y por esa misma razón regresarás.

    Cuídese, no se estrese y siempre pa’ lante!!!

    Un abrazo!

  • Hi Blag. I understand you and all others feeling overwhelmed with SAP changes – it’s a sign of times.  I felt the same, when SAP acquired BO and all of the sudden my previous experience became passe. For 2 years TechEd for me was technically  irrelevant as marketing blah-blah was the only offer. But finally this year with HANA and BO4.0 my area is becoming relevant again. Why am I telling this story? Because HANA (as a technology, not hype) offers something that should be interesting to you: new SAP programming languages – SQLScript and L. and these are going to be rising areas, where community members will need support and mentoring.
    So, take your break – but not for long please. SCN does need you 🙂
    • Vitaliy:

      Don’t worry…my break is not going to be that long…what you say about HANA is true…it’s a truly fascinating technology that will need a lot of support…also Gateway (which is something I already started to work with)…so I will be back…hungry for more and more information -;)