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Innovate Better with the help of SAP Enterprise Support

Do you remember the times when you bought your favorite music on tape?

The evolution of music in the past years is a great example of continued innovation: From the record to the eight track player to the cassette deck and then to the compact disc player. And today? It seems we are already part of the ‘cloud’ family, downloading our music from the internet to different devices, whether it is the computer or smart devices. The consumption of music has been evolving for years to meet the demand of consumers. 

You can see that we all are experiencing innovation on a daily basis and each business has the same opportunity to innovate their business to meet the demands of their internal and external customers! Innovation is key for growth and success.

So how can you deliver innovation in shorter increments and meet business requirements much quicker?

The answer is “SAP Enterprise Support”. SAP Enterprise Support (SAP Service Marketplace login required) helps you quickly meet business requirements for growth and competitive advantage. Through the different phases of the innovation, SAP Enterprise Support provides services, toolsets and methodologies to help you innovate better. As you know one key pillar of SAP’s innovation strategy are SAP enhancement packages which allow you to consume new functionality faster and easier. SAP Enterprise Support helps you to consume the innovations provided by SAP enhancement packages quicker and at a much lower cost. You can deploy the enhancements in a modular fashion by activating only the new features and technical improvements that you feel add the most value to your business.

In the second blog of this series I want to share with you the new “Innovate Better” slide deck. The new slides extend across all phases of the innovation consumption process: Planning, Installation and Activation.


During the planning phase, you can use the business function prediction service to find what they need from available enhancement packages. To date, SAP has delivered more than 4,000 of these services to customers all around the globe.

You can also use the accelerated innovation enablement service to evaluate the innovation capabilities of enhancement packages and how to most effectively deploy them. This helps them chart the best way forward for consuming and choosing the right SAP innovations.  This service is exclusively available for SAP Enterprise Support customers.


During the installation phase, you have access to the business process change analyzer (in the SAP Solution Manager application management solution) to understand how existing business processes might be modified. Using this tool, you can identify and analyze the impact of planned changes to existing business process configurations. This helps reduce the time and effort companies invest in regression testing and also allows them to optimize the scope of their tests.

Unique in the software industry, SAP also provides expert-guided implementations for activating a wide range of functionality in SAP Solution Manager. Here, SAP uses a combination of virtual classroom training and practical project work so that you can learn by doing. This helps to quickly establish key components required for accelerating innovation.

Other services can help you during the installation phase as well. For example, the modification justification check validates system changes and helps protect project costs by avoiding unnecessary modifications. And the custom code maintainability check makes sure custom code and modifications can be maintained.


During the activation phase, a mechanism known as the switch framework makes it easier for you to turn on relevant business function sets within the SAP enhancement package. Customers can also engage SAP experts to provide remote support during the go-live or to analyze the solution after go-live.

Innovation from SAP Enterprise Support

All of these tools and services are available as part of SAP Enterprise Support. The main objective of this support offering is to help organizations run SAP like a factory – so that they can drive down operational costs and focus their energies on improving competitive advantage.
The idea is that SAP Enterprise Support helps you to innovate better – faster and more securely.

Direct Link to the new “Innovate Better” Presentation:

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