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BRFplus KnowledgeBurst – 4 Hours of BRFplus Online Learning

Good news for all BRFplus users. A new KnowledgeBurst full of information and exercises is available as of now. And the best is, it’s or free.

A KnowledgeBurst is a new concept for online learning. It contains training videos, exercises and tests.

You can find the BRFplus KnowledgeBurst here.

The BRFplus KnowledgeBurst will help you built applications, functions, rulesets, rules etc. in the BRFplus workbench, release NetWeaver 7.0 Enhancement Package 2. It is a perfect start for using BRFplus. Whatever is not covered by the KnowledgeBurst can be found in the BRFplus book from SAPPress.

Special thanks go to the training anchorman and BRFplus star consultant Felipe Hernandez Plazas. He did most of the work to get the KnowledgeBurst done.

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  • Everything is great, interesting and impressive.
    Even such a small amazing innovation – a human hand instead of a mouse icon!
    I miss working with BRFplus…

    Good luck to all BRFplus people,

  • Hi,

    This a great material. I have just finished the exercises and I have had these problems:

    – In exercise 6 the contents of captivate do not show correctly from slide 101: the background is empty. I can see the comments but not the Webdynpro. (IE8). Fortunately I could use the demonstration video.

    – Where can I find the source code of the enhancement to the SEARCH view of WebDynpro DEMO_FLASH_FLIGHT? Without this code I can not test the application.

    • Hello Arseni,

      first of all, thank you for the feedback. The exercise seems to be indeed incomplete. We will try to get a complete version up shortly.

      Regarding the source, please PM me your email address and I can send you the code.

      Kind regards

    • Hi Arseni,

      thank you for the feedback. We have seen that the exercise s indeed incomplete, and will try to upload a complete version as soon as possible.

      Regarding the source code, please PM me your email address and I will send it to you.

      Kind regards

  • Kenny, it was there until Dec. 30th, I emailed the link and this is their response, I am not sure if any of the Knowledge Bursts are coming back.  Does anyone know?

    From: [] Sent: Sunday, January 01, 2017 1:58 AM To: Robert Berry Subject: RE: A KM Asset is Needed


    Hi Berry,

    The files from the old repository that weren’t migrated were retired.

    If you need this specific item I can ask to get it, it for you.



  • Hi All,

    I checked our archive and wasn’t able to retrieve the item.

    i am not sure why but some files are corrupted.

    Maybe someone has it saved locally in which case we can help republish it.



    • Unfortunately, the content cannot be found. The colleagues somehow killed it by SCN migration and I could not find any backup. The original content as not created by me. 🙁

  • Well Carsten, what I see is that most of the useful content of BRF+ initially posted by you is no more available (i.e. the links don’t work anymore). IT really sucks. we would like to learn and cannot find many useful links anymore


    • I can fully understand you and I’m very disappointed. The transition to the new SCN brought a lot of problems. Maybe I can set-up a new page and provide the content there. Will check options over xmas. 🙁