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SAP HANA InnoJam Online, SAP’s new developer competition




We are excited to invite you to join our new developer competition on SAP HANA.

All non-SAP employees can join and get a chance to become a Champion! Join SAP new competition today, explore HANA and discover innovative ways to solve your critical business problems!


Here is how it works:


Phase 1: Starts on September 13th 2011 12pm PST

  • Share a critical business problem you want to solve on our   Idea Place session.
  • First 100 submitters go to Phase 2

Phase 2: Starts on October 20th 2011 12pm PST

  • Join SAP HANA Champions community (coming soon…), get started with HANA, build teams
  • Access HANA sandbox hosted by SAP (free access)
  • Use HANA to solve your business problem
  • Get helped by SAP experts if and when needed

Phase 3: Start day/time to be finalized

  • Share your solution by submitting a written description of the problem, how you solved it and a video that shows your solution
  • Top 8 finalists go to Phase 4

Phase 4: Start day/time to be finalized

  • 8 finalists present their problem/solution/feedback in front of SAP executives and a panel of judges (early January in Palo Alto)
  • Winner wins big prize, including a feature during one of Vishal’s keynotes at an upcoming SAP Event (tbd)
Check the SAP InnoJam web site for more details, for access to learning material and regular updates.
Join the SAP HANA Experience Community to learn more about HANA and see demos.
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  • Hi Anne,

    thansk for sharing the availbe learning ways for SAP HANA…i would like to participate during OCT 20th . let me know how to participate, can i participate thro online?

    thanks and regards
    +91 9789331892

    • Submit your idea on Idea Place. Check the Technology Innovation page on SDN and it will tell you what to do, when to do it and how to do it. More details coming soon.
  • We can play with a new technology!  Questions – I always seem to have them. 

    Is there any certain way we will build the teams?  Can I just ask the person and join in on their idea?  I don’t seem to have an original idea.  But I’m still thinking.  I think my block is how to get to the data, or mass create the data to use.  Maybe if I put an idea out there someone else could build on it.

    Is there just one winner to a team?  I honestly can’t believe there are not more submissions.  The prize is huge!

    And playing with Hana, meeting new people, creating something – priceless

    • Hi Michelle. We have not made much noise about it; we’ll make more noise very soon. We will most likely limit the number of team members to 4 but it is still being finalized. So yes you can join others and work as teams. We will not provide project mgt capability though.
      • That’s OK – I think I can jump on someone’s team.  OR hopefully I will think of something of my own.  The wheels are still turning.

        Thank you!


  • Hi Anne,

    It seems I’m still recovering from TechEd as I have only just found out about this competition.  What is the cutoff for the registration of ideas (Phase 1)?  Do I still have a couple of days to think something through and get it registered?


    • Yes you have until Oct 20th but remember we take the first 100… but since we have not made too much noise about this you have your chances!
    • I just found it too!  Post Teched for me.  Still wrapping my head around the ideas / subjects / new tools from there.  I found a website.  I’m not sure if the information is correct, but here it is.

      Pretty cool.  It says the first 100 submissions.  I think I saw around 10 on Idea place.  So there is plenty of room for more.  And now I’m answering for Anne – I’m sure she has more to say.  I basically know nothing, but pretend to know.


  • Will this hosted HANA solution be connected to business suite? internet? Will we have access to River / Gateway / SUP?

    Need a bit of info on these so that I can come up with a case that is technically feasible

    • Hey Vijay!

      I’m having fun reading the WIKI on this one.

      •Access SAP HANA sandbox
      •Use SAP HANA to solve your business problem
      •Get helped by SAP experts if and when needed

      Not sure that answers your questions – it just adds some more questions!   This looks so much fun!  I’m big time following this blog, and the ideas in idea place.  

      The Hana page right now…

      Well it leaves a bit to be desired.  It’s just enough to get me interested, and I think that’s what it is supposed to do.  I am working thru the demos now.  I just know I want to be a part of this…  Just not sure how I’ll fit in.  🙂


      • Those 3 are already in the blog itself – and no it does not answer my question at all. That is why asked the questions in the first place 🙂

        Not a big fan of the experience hana site either – especially not keeping it in SCN. I already ranted on it on SDN, so will shut up now.

        But – I am VERY excited about the competition itself. I think SAP is doing a good thing here.

  • Anne:

    This really took me by surprise…I think it’s really great that SAP promotes the use of HANA in such a healthy and good competition (well…we need to see if it stays healthy, as I’m sure the teams are going to give a big fight to win).

    Please keep us posted as this is really awesome!


    • Hi Michelle and all
      We were asked to delay the contest. We will re-launch it this week. Phase 1 has been extended until Jan 15. So there are still plenty of time to submit ideas. We’ll start to do more marketing shortly. The final will be in April in Palo Alto. Re access to other systems, we did not plan to give access to other systems unless there is high demand for such thing. What would you like? then we’ll see if we can accommodate your needs.