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Soooooo yeh….I am at a client site for “go-live” week and unfortunately having to miss out on SAP TechED for the first time in years. To add salt to the wound, it’s in Vegas. To add more salt….well, you don’t have to worry about that….my “friends” are adding plenty of salt with all their Facebook updates, tweets, texts, emails, etc telling me how cool it is this year and how “we really miss you here…..well off to play some craps before the next session”. Ugggggg.

But then I noticed….it’s PROGRAMMER DAY!!!! (thanks to Slashdot for reminding me…haha). That led to a deeper thought….”hey wait a minute here….today is Programmer Day…..SAP TechEd officially starts today…..happy coincidence?…..I think not. Well played, SAP…..well played”.

So enjoy! Get out there and hug, thank, pat on the back, etc. your nearest gearhead/code monkey/developer/scripter/etc. (if you are actually at TechEd, this will be way too easy!)…..heck, it might be the only human interaction they’ve had in years!!!! (haha)

FYI, the Twitter hashtag for today’s celebration is #programmerday.

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