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I will be posting a daily update from SAP Teched 2011 from Las Vegas in my personal blog. I will update this post every day this week to add a link for the day.

If you want me to find something out from SAP – leave a comment here or on my personal blog – and I will try my best.



Monday and Tuesday


Wednesday – Friday


Most of what I learned is not information I can share at the moment due to confidentiality issues. But, more importantly there was a panel on inclusion and design thinking on Wednesday evening. I missed it – and regret it a lot. So on Thursday morning, I posted this to explain my POV. I would love it if the community expresses what we think on this really important topic.

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  1. Gregory Misiorek
    Hi Vijay,

    i have tried sending you a DM tweet but not sure if it has reached you. i think your audience is much bigger via SDN than through WP, but i could be wrong.

    good luck at SAP Teched 2011!


      1. Kumud Singh
        Hi Vijay,

        Thanks for the response.I clicked on the click with all excitement only to see that the link is not authorized to be opened.I would see in my laptop.Thanks.



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