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Gamifying the SAP Supplier Performance Scorecard : a thought process use case: but wasn’t taken: Cant swim the #river for a Snazzy UI

This was my first #Innojamlv and am a complete business and SAP Functional expert very little technical expertise, but I have great minds in my team, handicapped on #River, we got some help from the experts and are on our way to get a kind of working demoWe had 2 use cases, the one that I have articulated below here is what was “discarded” by the team as too complicated and too much procurement, but I don’t mind that, but I thought if anyone else reading the use case thought if this could be gamified in the #SAP enterprise, any takers? Any suggestions?Even Greg’s @gpmyers blog killed a lot of fear for those that think #innojam is only for the techies 

Use case definition:

1)      Buyers will define the score-card parameters for Annual Supplier Evaluation which will qualify them for a lucky and unlucky draw based on them falling into 2 buckets.

2)      Based on the performance index the suppliers enter into a #Gamification draw classified into 2 buckets.

3)      Bucket 1: top 5 Suppliers

4)      Bucket 2: bottom 5 suppliers

5)      The need is to design a roulette each for the Top 5 and Bottom 5 Suppliers

6)      The Roulette for the Top 5 suppliers will be designed such that under each number there will be hidden incentive that favors the supplier

(Ex. If they choose 55 – it would have inside it Payment Terms reduced from 60 days Nett to 30 days Nett)

7)      The Roulette for the Bottom 5 suppliers will be designed such that under each number there will be a penalty element

(Ex. If they choose 65 – it would have a penalty stating, “in the next auction event, you must pre-qualify in the pre-bid state against other suppliers.


Note: we don’t give a damn what the supplier has to say, we define the rules, we are the buy side of the business

Supplier Score Card definition

The Graphics below will need to be integrated in a stand-alone webdynpro page on the SAP EP for SRM or on the J2EE pages for SAP Sourcing and the invitations to participate in the lucky draw will be similar to the auction or an RFx invitation e-mail.

The Dashboards that the supplier would see (an illustrative)


Am thinking any direction these can also be modeled into a Xcelsius dashboard, anything that works, just that the Roulette boards should look real and spin when the Supplier Chooses a number.

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      Author's profile photo Andreas J A Schneider
      Andreas J A Schneider
      I think one could provide way more information on a dashboard and still make it easy to digest.The spinning roulette wheel sure will draw attention initially (sales pitch), but I believe people do not wanna see that every single day, every time they open the dashboard, nice toy but not much of value when it comes to real information.

      Have you looked at books by Stephen Few and Prof. E.R. Tufte regarding visual design?

      Author's profile photo Tridip Chakraborthy
      Tridip Chakraborthy
      Blog Post Author
      Hi Andreas,
      Sorry for the delayed response, teched was busy like hell, yeah totally understand your views on the dashboard roulette, 🙂
      That was like a wild thought to gamify in 30 hours, but totally understand your POV, will definately do a follow-up on the books that you referred to
      Thanks for commenting, cheers Tridip