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SAP Teched – LV almost here!

Interesting spot #2.  BLOGS.  There are so many out there, how do you find the Teched ones?  A search? That can be frustrating.  No there is a WIKI dedicated to listing all those blogs.   YES!  Now you can read the blogs you want by looking at the descriptions.  (That’s what I do)  Yes, I know it says 2010, but it is picking up all SAP Teched blogs, including 2011,

Interesting spot #3.  #SAPTeched11 – this is for you tweeters out there.  Honestly I can say I don’t follow it.  I should but don’t.

Interesting spot #4.  A great blog by Jason for first time SAP Teched attendees.  And for those of you who have been to 1000 – please check it out.  It has offered an interesting thought on SAP Teched buddies.  Plus you might learn something you didn’t know about Teched.  It’s a great summary.  I volunteer again to be someone’s buddy.  I have been to several Techeds.  I can’t promise to be available at all times.   speakers / experts.  For those going to LV, it’s here.

Interesting spot #6 – have you heard about knowledge quest?  It brings to mind a knight on a white horse.  Pretty fun image to have in your head.  Or maybe you are thinking of more interesting things elves, wizards, dragons…  I like those better myself.  Again a great image to start the day.  Well Knowledge questions tests what you know about the sessions you’ve been going to and other things.  Again this one is easy to get to.  Go to your teched site.   Activities and then Knowledge Quest.  For those in LV it is here .  What is it really?  Well go to the site.  I know as much as you do.  Although I’ll be at a distinct disadvantage.  Unless I pick up my smart phone before then.  I’ve been looking at those forever.  Ok only about 6 months.  I still can’t decide on which one.

Interesting spot #7 – are you like me?  Can’t get tweets during work.  Don’t worry.  Simply go to your Teched site.  The Tweets just keep coming.  ‘

Interesting spot # 8 – It has EVERYTHING here.  Personally for me the seminar Embracing Inclusion with Design Thinking – Driving Innovation .   Sadly it is full.  But it is something to think about.  Maybe next Teched.  I’m sure there will be more information coming from after Teched.

The hype is out there.  Teched is coming up quickly.  For you that are going to Innojam (like me), there are TWO days left.  I don’t count today.  I really should practice my presentation.  I will Friday…  And Saturday.  Sunday IT’s INNOJAM!!!

Sadly – I have a job and a lot to try to get done today.  I have Friday as a vacation day!!!! Yes.  I may get to blog about my sessions.  A little late, but hopefully it will be in everyone’s mind for Teched.

My last thought – Do try to work on an agenda in the agenda builder, and do be ready to throw it out.  Try to have more than one session picked.  I know I’m repeating myself.  But this is an important lesson I learned.  Sometimes the sessions are not what I think they are.  Or it just isn’t going the way I thought it would.  I that case, I slink out of the back door, and into the back door of my backup session.

I can’t wait to see you all there!  The countdown is ON! 


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      I think I will just follow you around!
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      Or I can follow you!  It's FUN!  Lots of fun.
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      Kumud Singh
      Hi Michelle,

      I clicked on the links provided in the blog and they lead me to know a new mentor and good blogs in Wiki.Thanks much.