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A Better SCN Mobile Experience on Any Device!

It would seem that this blog didn’t survive the migration onto the new SCN platform on March 12, 2012…

However, the JavaScript bookmarklet described in this blog post is now redundant anyways. It doesn’t work on the new SCN, and the Jive platform’s HTML makes replicating it both more complicated and less fruitful, so I’m thinking this isn’t a big loss anyways. Besides, the SCN experience on an iPad isn’t bad and it seems an official mobile version might be in the works…

Sometimes, computers do forget. And at least in this case, no harm has been done.


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  • Hi Sascha,
    Just submitted my own blog only to see you just did as well!  Really excellent one too.  Particularly happy to see regular expressions in there as well.
    Good job!
  • Great blog Sascha,

    and I have learnt something else as well. I now have an additional person to ping when I need help with regular expressions. 🙂

    Graham Robbo

      • Hi Martin,

        thank you very much for spotting these two problems!! The SCN/sdn thing seems to have been due to an overzealous use of “Find/Replace” on my part, and you’re correct about the limitations of the blog editor regarding JavaScript links.

        I have edited the blog to fix these issues, and update the instructions for PCs.

        Thank you again!! 🙂