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Lessons form Driving

In his book “7 habits of highly effective people” the author, Stephen Covey, refers to something called as Natural Laws. These laws, he describes, are universal and timeless, and can be applied in all spheres of life. In a way it’s true, we recognize such principles with different experiences, and these principles stay with us as a generic  law that can applied to just about to everything.

My one such experience was learning to drive. I cannot simply state these principles as laws, but I tried applying them to my job, in a way, it helped me at my work.

Let me share few of my personal experience.

One cannot learn driving by reading a car manual.

Driving: Before I took my driving classes, I went though some material online to understand how to drive. But during driving class I realized, unless you hit the road you will never learn to drive.

Learning: I do read all relevant blogs, article and manuals on SCN. But it does not stop there, if I have the resources and liberty to practically do new stuff I read about, I make sure I do it practically.

You need to hit the road, make your own experiences that you will never forget.

Slow down from inside, if you want to keep pace with the outside (fast moving world).

Driving: There is an intriguing phenomenon about car (engine), as you shift to higher gear, the car runs faster, but at the same time the engine mechanism slows down from inside.

Learning: I keep reminding myself of this phenomenon, when under pressure situation, such as time critical activity involving production issue. To get though such situation swiftly, we need to slow down gather your thoughts and work on the problem in parts. This will get the best out of you, in situations when you are expected to deliver quick results.

We need to be composed and calm from inside, to carry out complex and time critical tasks successfully.

Corporate with other commuters and follow the rules to reach safely to your destination.

Driving: How often it happens that you badly want to overtake a car that has out of turn gone ahead of you?  But if you see the larger picture, your aim is to reach the destination and not compete with others on the road. Then, why envy others who are with you, even if they have moved ahead.

Learning: Don’t see your colleagues as competition; see them as companion. Share knowledge and take help from them; this will bring out the best in everybody. It’s a better way to grow faster together.

You will surely reach your destination safely, if you drive in harmony with others on the road and follow the rules.

Change is good: Take a new route once in a while.

Driving: I always like to find new route and shortcuts to office, so that I don’t have to drive more and I reach faster. Now I know all the ways to reach office and also the shortest possible route.

Learning: Even at the things you do the best, there are ways to do it better. Find new alternatives ways to do your usual tasks. This will help you excel in your expertise and explorer new alternatives ways.

Make things that you do more exciting

Driving: Even after learning how to drive, I did not enjoy it initially. Driving was a compulsion to which I had no alternative.  But then it became fun, when I started reading more about cars and automobile technology. Now honestly enjoy driving, when I understand how stuff works under the hood.

Learning: A very similar thing happened at the start of my Job as SAP Basis. As a first assignment on my project, I use to do SAP system monitoring whole day long. This repetitive task was very frustrating and stressful, when I did now know its purpose.  But then I found new ways to keep myself interested in m; I started reading about the purpose and the technology behind SAP monitoring, eventually I discovered new TCodes and ways that made my task easier and fun. This changed my approach to monitoring activities; now I had a sense of purpose. I started finishing my task faster, without stress.

If you can find means to better your skills, it will keep you interested in everyday work.

If you have read the blog till here then it means you are passionate about both cars (or bikes) and your work, just like me.

I have very careful knitted my thoughts, over a period of time. Hope you liked the blog.

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