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SAP Teched Las Vegas – Expert Networking Sessions

 Well – I normally write very long blogs.  I reply with long answers and generally share my opinion good, bad, or indifferent.  Ok if I’m indifferent I usually don’t comment.  This one will be shorter because I’ve got some deadlines looming, Teched coming up, Job pressures – you know I’m doing exactly what you are doing.  1000 things at once.

So my rant:

Every year we hear that the expert networking sessions will be available early for adding to schedules.  Every year they seem to come later and later.  This year you can’t even see my networking sessions when you click on me.  Sad, very sad, that means no on may come.  Not even those of you who would be interested in the content, and didn’t’ have a more important session go to.

So it set me thinking – steaming – scheming – what would get me to Teched?  Well the ability to talk almost 1:1 with a highly skilled SAP person.  That would have to be at the top of my list.  I used to have people from work send me questions to grill the unsuspecting expert with.  It was fun!

As things have progressed these sessions are no long at boring tables.  They are at a living room setting with couches, big screen TV, a great place to hang out with your friends.  Mmmmm…  Maybe if these aren’t advertised I just get a nice place to chill out.  That wouldn’t be so bad.

Non-rant moving to serious or as serious as I get:

Have you seen any of these networking sessions?  Good stuff!  This is just one page that I downloaded 

Shameless Promotion: 

Now on to my shameless promotion.  I have 2 network sessions out there. 

EXP15 – How to Learn New Technology – Wed 11:30 – 12:30

EXP13 – Build up our Old dog tricks talk about how they fit into the new world.  Wed.  11 – 11:30

Want to go to one?  Just walk up to the booth and they will be you set up.  (Really we have been known to just walk up to the session.  Shhhh… I don’t think you are supposed to do that.)

I will have slides for both of these.  But hopefully we’ll get some good interaction going on.   If nothing else, you’ll get to kick back and relax from the normal SAP chaos!

Hope to see you there!  This is yet another thing you can leverage with your boss there are some “superstars talking at the expert sessions.”  Many and Many of them but I’ll just grab a few from the pages I’m looking at.  Susan Keohan, Gretchen Lindquist, Wolfgang Schaper, our demo jam winners… and … wait for it… Drum roll please – you the Teched party attendee will be there to brighten our day – and the days of the others in the lounge.

I’m missing many, many people.  This is my quick e-mail to encourage you for one last time to make it to Teched.  There is so much there.  This just adds another interaction…

If you don’t get to come – I’ll be thinking of all the Exceptional people that I didn’t get to meet.  I seem to meet more of them as each of these events. 

The countdown is on!  And I have about 30 or 40 blogs I’m thinking about writing, and no not all of them about Teched!  Although I do love it.

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  • Hello Michelle

    Nice to see how much information you spread into the SCN community.

    I’ll be going to TechED for the first time so I’ll keep an eye on this topic and find out how great (or not) these expert networking sessions are 🙂

    Kind regards


    • OBVIOUSLY, Madrid won’t be as good as LV, simply because Michelle won’t be there 🙂 but it will be different, and we will all have a chance to put our own imprint on it.
      • Good point Martin 🙂 I still have a lot of stuff to figure out before TechED Madrid takes place in order not to get lost into the chaos and know what is possible etc
      • Madrid will be awesome!!!!  I have heard good things about all the Techeds.  I wish I had the chance to go to all the Techeds.  There are always things scheduled at the same time and I can’t go to both.  Talk about a BIG NO from management.  I guess I do have “real” work to do.

        I can’t get to the site right now.  It must be down.  Do you know if they have expert networking sessions at Madrid?

        Have a great time!


        I skipped that whole Michelle not being there.  I’m blushing about that.  And don’t know what to say.

      • Hello Michelle

        I read the whole answer 😉

        Great answer by the way 🙂 thanks for all the useful tips & tricks.

        I’m very much looking forward to going to TechED.

        An idea I had was to perhaps get a or multiple QR code T-Shirts or perhaps have QR code business cards or something which can help people connect to me on social media platforms.

        Kind regards


  • I think I’ll use this chance to publicize my own Networking Sessions, Tuesday, from 10:00 – 11:00. I know! Most of you think Expert sessions are only 30 minutes long!  But with SAP Workflow, you just can’t cover it in only 30 minutes (nor even an hour for that matter).
    Thanks Michelle, for letting folks know about these opportunities!
    • Wow!  One hour – perfect.   I like the idea.  I ran mine back to back in case we ran over on a topic.  You’re right 30 minutes can be short.

      SAP Workflow – great subject.  Has anyone seen Sue speak?   Met her?  It’s well worth the time!


  • Good morning Michelle,
    Just wanted to pass this informaiton along to all SAP TechEd first timers.
    We started a conversation in the “Who’s Coming” SAP TechEd 2011. For anyone who’s interested we’ve got a meet and greet time set up for
    Here’s the link to the conversations:
    Sylvia Santelli and Marilyn Pratt will be in the SAP Community Network Interactive Station in the TechEd Clubhouse area at 11:00am on Tuesday, September 13th

    Marilyn will be wearing a SAP Mentor Shirt which says either @marilynpratt or @grannimari on the back

    See you in the TechEd clubhouse SCN station.