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SAP TechEd 2011 Las Vegas – Forward Looking Statements

No doubt about it – at SAP TechEd, educational sessions and hands-on workshops are the “heart” of the event. At this year’s SAP TechEd in Las Vegas, it’s the extra-curricular activities and events I’m really looking forward to…

SAP InnoJam

This pre-conference event is already sold out, and it is anticipated that over 120 participants will come together, utilize SAP technology, solve business problems, and apply gamification dynamics for the enterprise. Last year, I was one of the hosts for Innovation Weekend (former name of InnoJam). This year, I plan to participate and join the ‘game.’


SCN Interactive Station

This is located on the show floor, in the Clubhouse. Actually, I hope to make this my home base while at TechEd. If you’re interested is in the Business Analytics topic, come by and chat with us. I should be there every day the Clubhouse is open, and would love to chat about what’s hot and what’s new in the community.

Experts Networking Lounge

I intend to sit in on a few of these Lounge sessions, meet the experts and join in on the conversations.

  • I’ll be hosting the “Badges, Badges, Badges!” session (Thurs Sept 15 2-2:30pm in Lounge 3). Let me know what you think about SCN’s Contribution Recognition System, and I might show you what we’re planning around points and reputation for year-end, and beyond.
  • Also, Marilyn Pratt and I are hosting a “SCN Topic Leaders Meet-up” (Tue Sept 13, 1-1:30pm, Lounge 4).
  • Finally, Kirby Leong, Chris Kim, and I will host a meet-up to get your feedback on the Business Analytics Community (Wed Sept 14 5:30-6pm in Lounge 4; and in case you have more feedback Thurs Sept 15 5:30-6pm in Lounge 1). Meeting Introducing the new SCN “Tip in a Minute” Video Series should be enough for you to be there!

Demo Jam

Before the actual demos begin, we can expect to see SAP Mentors and Topic Leaders on the demo stage for a big round of applause. Then, the demos can begin! Hundreds have submitted their proposals, and we get to see the best of them that night. I hope to get a seat near the front where I can scream and cheer for my favourite demos. Since we’re in a betting town, I just might engage you in a friendly wager before the event starts!


Every year, the guest keynote speakers give attendees a lot to think about. These are forward-thinking, trend-setting futurists who have uncanny abilities to tell us today what others will do tomorrow. I can’t wait to hear Dr. Jane Mcgonigal speak about gaming. I’m probably not the first to recognize the coincidence that this gamification topic should come up while we’re in the “gaming” capital of America. Coincidence or not, I have a feeling the similarities and differences between these games will be cleared up in the keynote.

This gets me every time – just when I thought I couldn’t get inspired any more, the executive keynote puts things into perspective for me, then poof! I’ll be up in the stratosphere again! It’s like that!


Compared to some SCN veterans, this will only be my 4th year at SAP TechEd, but after this year, I will have attended 9 TechEds. Every year, SAP Presents rocks the house. I predict this year’s event with OneRepublic will be the same – LOUD and FABULOUS! Don’t forget…you can Win Backstage Passes to Meet One Republic at SAP TechEd Las Vegas.  

Is there room for educational sessions? I expect I’ll be able to squeeze in a few sessions. But no guarantees…these are forward looking statements after all!

My offer still stands…

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      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Forward looking statements:

      Innojam - I'll be there, OF COURSE, I think I am really excited this time around gamification - what a fun topic.  Last year I was excited for an entirely different reason.

      Demojam - another Of course, I can't wait to see what cool applications there are.  Hopefully some more that will end up on Code Exchange.

      I'll be at the expert networking sessions - mine are Wed 11:00 - 12:30.  I've got some cool sessions too!  Shameless plug: I'm speaking at session CD120 - The Old Dog Tricks That Will Help You Build Applications FAST, and I'm helping with CD161 -  Web Dynpro ABAP for Beginners (The speakers will do the work on this one.  I just get to help out as needed.  🙂

      You'll of course see me at breakfast and luch.

      I'll be on the hunt in Knowledge Quest.  Maybe I'll win a price during the concert on Thursday.

      OOOOOO - and I love the fact that you've put some other Networking sessions in this blog.  I'm checking my schedule.  I've booked myself a lot this year.  I always do, but this year OMG - I have booked myself to my eyebrows.  I'll try to get to at least one that from the blog!   They all sound amazing.

      You did an exceptional job hosting Innovation Weekend.  But I'm glad you get to have fun this time around.

      Long response again!  I love Teched.  If you would like a buddy that jumps you around from one thing to the next, I'm your gal.  ABAP is what I usually go for.  But again I jump to different sessions that interest me.

      Sleeping is an optional task for a week.  It's only a week!

      Looking forward to seeing you again!


      Author's profile photo Jason Cao
      Jason Cao
      Blog Post Author
      Wow, Michelle! Your TechEd schedule looks really packed! Love your spirit and energy!

      Thanks for your willingness to offer yourself to be a buddy as well to TechEd first-timers! If even to point someone in the right direction, or offer advice on time management at TechEd, or where and how to find the best seats, I'm sure many could benefit!

      See you soon!

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Of course - I'd offer.   My schedule?  I think everyone's looks like that.  It doesn't matter if your speaking or "just" attending.  "Just" attending - Ha! I laugh at that.  First timers beware, there are so many different sessions to go to - you will want to go to 2 or 3 at once.   Then you'll find a 4th or a 5th session you would like to do at the same time.

      I'm more than willing to help.  You'll be just as busy as I am - count on it 🙂

      See you soon!  VERY SOON!  Yippee,


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Good afternoon Jason,
      Just wanted to pass this informaiton along to you as you offers to be a firs-timers buddy. I passed this along to Michelle a couple days ago and saw that she added her much appreciated 2 cents to our conversation.
      Anyway, we started a conversation in the "Who's Coming" SAP TechEd 2011. We've got a meet and greet time set up for all first timers. Here's the link to the conversation:
      Sylvia Santelli and Marilyn Pratt will be in the SAP Community Network Interactive Station in the TechEd Clubhouse area at 11:00am on Tuesday, September 13th

      Marilyn will be wearing a SAP Mentor Shirt which says either @marilynpratt or @grannimari on the back - just in case you don't already know her.

      Hope to see you in the TechEd clubhouse SCN station.

      Author's profile photo Jason Cao
      Jason Cao
      Blog Post Author
      Very cool! Thanks for pining me on this Peggy! I'll be there for the meet and greet!