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Author's profile photo Christian Oehler

Run Better with the help of SAP Enterprise Support

Today I am sharing with you the new “Run Better” slide deck which is the new SAP Enterprise Support Overview Presentation. As we want to make it easier for you to learn about SAP Enterprise Support the new presentation comes with a new story-based approach.

We want to highlight that you can “Implement Better”, “Operate Better” and “Innovate Better” to become a best-run business with the help of SAP Enterprise Support. A simple key message we hope you will be able to relate to.

The new themes put everything into a context and through this helps customers to better understand the advantages of SAP Enterprise Support. With this we want to underline that SAP Enterprise Support starts with day 1, helping customers throughout the complete lifecycle – and it is not only focused on operations. It already provides benefits during the implementation-phase and it helps customers to consume innovations.

Here is the “how”:

There are many components that make up the SAP Enterprise Support offering. Through a process called the “SAP Enterprise Support engagement methodology”, SAP Active Global Support collaborates with you to understand your solution and top issues to build an engagement plan that addresses the identified issues and shows the value of the engagement.  The collaboration happens through a group called “Support Advisory”. The support advisory center can help with setting up the SAP Solution Manager which is the platform for the engagement model. 

SAP Active Global Support has an additional way to help customers enable their SAP Solution Manager.  The SAP Enterprise Support academy is the knowledge transfer piece of the offering. The academy has two different types of services to enable SAP Solution Manager functionality along with some core improvement services.

The SAP Solution Manager enablement services are called expert-guided implementation services.  These services have an SAP Solution expert work with your team in the morning on a specific functionality area of SAP Solution Manager and then in the afternoon your team will spend performing the tasks learned on your own SAP Solution Manager.  Emerging questions can be directly addressed to the  SAP support engineer. Afterwards you move on to the next step in the process. 

The second service available in the academy is the guided self-services.  These services are guided procedures within your own solution manager system to be executed at your convenience. 

The support advisory center also performs a couple of other essential roles in our support offering.  The support advisory center will work with you to help establish the correct continuous quality checks for your support plan.  They would also be the team you would work with in case of a mission critical situation


This support offering is continually improved through the collaboration SAP Active Global Support has with our 109,000+ customers.  From this close collaboration of services delivered and top issues solved, SAP strives to help you to implement better, operate better and innovate better. 

Stay tuned for the upcoming videos and blogs about the new “Implement Better”, “Operate Better” and “Innovate Better” themes.

Direct Link to the new “Run Better” Presentation:

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      Author's profile photo Tom Cenens
      Tom Cenens
      Hello Christian

      When I look at the slide deck I wonder to what extent the services are free of charge in case you have a SAP Enterprise Support contract.

      Is one or all expert guided implementation included for example or is there an additional cost per service or?

      That's the kind of information I would be looking for to provide advice/guidance to my customers for those services.

      Kind regards


      Author's profile photo Christian Oehler
      Christian Oehler
      Blog Post Author
      Hi Tom,

      thank you very much for your comment.

      SAP provides SAP Enterprise Support customers with up to five days remote support services per calendar year from SAP solution architects (=no additional cost as it is included in SAP Enterprise Support).

      For every expert guided implementation one day of the five days remote support service entitlement for SAP solution architects will be used.

      In addition I will share further details about it in the next parts of my blog series.

      Best regards,

      Author's profile photo Tom Cenens
      Tom Cenens
      Hello Christian

      Thanks a lot for your swift and clear answer 🙂

      Kind regards


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      This seems to me - I'm probably wrong - a way to promote SAP consulting services.   You get 5 days free, and then on to the costs.  Those dollars can add up quickly.

      So I'm looking forward to your next blogs.

      I'm still not really sure what the "SAP Enterprise Support academy" is.  Is it simply the knowledge transfer after the project?

      This one got me interested.  But now I'm looking for more.  And that's a good thing.



      Author's profile photo Christian Oehler
      Christian Oehler
      Blog Post Author
      Hi Michelle,

      thank you very much for your feedback.

      The SAP Enterprise Support academy is not a way to promote consulting services.
      Currently many Expert Guided Services help customers to implement and configure Application Lifecycle Management in SAP Solution Manager, including basic configuration settings, business process monitoring setup, custom development management, and more. Expert Guided Services are a combination of training, practical experience, and expertise on demand.

      In one of my last blogs I shared an overview about the academy:

      In addition Oliver Huschke wrote a blog about Guided Self Services, which are also part of the academy:

      In addition one of our last Blog Talk Radio Sessions covered the SAP Enterprise Support academy, as well:

      All details about the SAP Enterprise Support academy can be found here (S-user required):

      Best Regards,

      Author's profile photo Markus Doehr
      Markus Doehr
      When had to make the decision whether to choose Enterprise or Standard support we eventually concluded, that, despite the annual fee is almost identical, for our environment it's better/enough, to choose Standard support.

      The reason is simple: If a customer wants to get all those features listed in this blog, they have to install and maintain a full featured Solution Manager system which in turn would need an additional person on our place (at least one).

      So for us the features would have been payed with an additional employee which was (and still is) not wanted.

      If the contract would not *imply* setting up SolMan in all its glory and (cough) issues, we would have chosen Enterprise. This fact is often not explicitly told to the customers, and the efforts of setting up the environment according to the contract is underestimated or not even mentioned. SolMan is nothing that can just "run along" with the other basis task, it requires a dedicated person to take care of.

      From a certain size of a company this maybe not be an issue at all, for a small to medium size company it's not affordable and simply can't be done.